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How is everyone doing filing their U.S. income tax from the Philippines?

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Amazing! It seems I have solved my own issues here! My 2014 income tax for Federal and State was just filed electronically for "FREE" just a few minutes ago using Turbo Tax's free offer using their 1040EZ form, since we didn't have anything to declare and or itemize, just by entering what was on all of my form 1099R and answering all of their questions with a NO answer. I did not pay a penny, nada to Turbo Tax to prepare and E-file our taxes for our Federal and State returns! Turbo Tax tried to dupe me into upgrading my filing, but I declined their suggestions and the E-filing of our taxes still went through without any issues.   
I guess the 6th time redoing and redoing it paid off. We only owe money to Federal, none to State and it will be debited from our U.S. Bank account in N. California automatically before the April deadline.
I just got an email confirmation from Turbo Tax after 20 minutes from filing our returns that our Federal and State E-filing have been received and accepted by the IRS. 
So, we're good to go until next year!

Good to hear Art, yes if a person has under a certain amount of income ($31,000 they say on the page below) then turbotax is supposed to do it for free.


I am confused as how you were able to use 1040EZ.  I am assuming you added your 1099s and submitted that as your income. First 1099s cannot be used on 1040EZ, second to file 1040EZ you must be 64 years old or younger.  I just did the referenced program and answered the questions with a yes were applicable and it said to use 1040A, which jives with the instruction booklet from IRS.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
It just says plain 1040 top heading on my 2013 and 2014 ITR forms from Turbo Tax. I don't really know, cause I'm not a tax expert, because I did not bother to ask, since their software would catch any errors to my answers. I just answered all of their questions and the process went through somehow without any issues at the time and after of their E-filing our returns, even though my AGI was more than $31,000. I must have found a loop hole in their system. Anyway, IRS received and accepted Turbo Tax's E-filing of our Federal and State returns. Their software even did a full analysis of any possible errors. I just answered all of their questions truthfully and honestly with all the correct numbers from my Form 1099Rs.
I would just assume since IRS received and accepted the E-filing processed by Turbo Tax, that the E-filing is not reversible by Turbo Tax, but they can always charge me for their process if I am ineligible for their "FREE" filing offer, which went through without any issues. Go Figure!   
If Turbo Tax catches any errors after the fact, I'm sure they will be e-mailing me of their errors, because I know I answered everything they asked in the preparation and of their E-filing process, which was out of my hands when sent to the IRS without any 1040 form errors and I already have the entire copy of it provided by Turbo Tax and it looked fine to me, but then again I'm no expert. It's Identical to our last year's ITR, except for the amounts from my 1099s.   

Both 1040a and 1040EZ are free on TURBO Tax, if you used 1099 it would file it as 1040A, I would think.  Also since you were over 64 on Dec 31 it would be the 1040A.  The program should automatically do this, plus I think you logged in so they should have verified previous filings you had with them.



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