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Author Topic: Sierra Madre highlands, Tagaytay without the people and traffic  (Read 15075 times)

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Went to the Sierra Madre Highlands last weekend.  From Marikina take Marcos highway thru Cogeo/Antipolo east north east.  Google maps has it as marcos highway/infanta highway. 

Once you get out of Antipolo city limits it gets really nice, almost like another country.  The road is wide, nearly new, little traffic except for the bikers on the weekends.

Lots of farm land available out there at a much better price than the typical expat area of Pampanga.  Terrain is mountainous, but not steep enough to need switchbacks on the roads.  There is electricity, but Globe cell service is non existent.  Smart service is spotty. 

There are several gated communities out that way, but the homes are built next to each other like they are in downtown Manila. One would be better off buying a small farm and building a ranch style house than going thru a developer. 

The climate is much better out that way, lower temps than manila, certainly much lower than Angeles.  Think Tagaytay highlands, without all the pesky people and traffic.