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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: Art,    re(tired) Fil/Am on October 02, 2013, 10:28:31 PM ---
I use this nifty "centpage" as my search browser:

--- End quote ---

Cool webpage!   :)

Not sure about the rest on here, but reading those sites really makes you think.  I can't speak for everyone on here, but I know that I'm probably on the lower end of monthly incomes here and my income puts me pretty high up on that scale.  Just another reminder of where many of us are from and where we live/plan to live. 
Tina is the highest level of permanent employee working in the public market.  She pretty much runs the market and makes just a little less than the "boss" that is appointed over her each time a new mayor has come in.  My one month income is more than her 4 month income.  I never thought of that till now.  Blows me away when I think that what I get now, which is a lot less than I made when I was working my job in the USA, is still that much more than someone in Tina's position. 

ART you are the Google of livinginthephilippines

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
You can be too, if you just Google, Yahoo, Bing or You Tube it
here on one web page:
I used You Tube's video instructions to fix our toilets when it was
constantly loosing water and now it saves us at least P300 a month
since our toilets do not leak anymore! Never knew toilets were so
complicated! We are billed once every 3 months. Ops! Off topic again!
OK! Back on topic! What's the pay scale for a Filipino plumber to fix
our toilets, cost of parts not included? ;)

The pay scales here seems to be very sad fact that A lot of changes need to be made I think I will be long gone before I see it ---------PS ART I stand my Ground on my last comment but at least you did Learn a new Trade Fixing Toilets  :D


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