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Mystery patch KB 3035583 for Windows 7 and 8 revealed

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I'm with Joel the computer runs much faster not only on startup and shut down but I really like Win 10 but had to get around the start up log in (youtube has the fix) and download my video, sound card.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I'm so glad you posted your findings after upgrading to the Windows 10 OS.
Now, everyone will feel at ease and won't have any qualms about upgrading!
I just wonder how long Windows 10 will last, until another OS comes up and
when will Microsoft abandon all of the other OS still around and running?
I still like my Windows Vista and hope it stays around until I kick the bucket!
BTW, I don't like Windows 8.1 that's in our two new laptops!
I just wonder what Windows 10 will be like to use whenever I can find the 8
hours to upgrade to the new and improved Windows 10 OS?
I'm not a gamer, but I do download a lot of movies, it's my passion, I'm a
"movie junkie"! I still have at least 200 movies on my digital external memory
drive I still haven't watched yet, but getting there. I like any movie or TV series
as long it peaks my interest, gets my attention and doesn't bore me. I delete the
boring ones ASAP!   
I'm keeping my Windows Vista though in my desk top, I just love this OS!!!!!!  ::) ??? :o ;)   

With me, it is not so much how 10 works, as the fact that they are forcing it on everyone with 7 and 8. I can understand them giving a free upgrade from 8 since it was such a hated system but why push it so hard on people who have 7 which almost everyone likes, that is what worries me. If 10 is so great, then they would easily be able to sell it to those who have 7, my point being that if any company can make money on something, then why would they not only give it away, but force it onto people for free without at the very least explaining why they are doing that.

There is really nothing for free in this world, where strings are not in someway attached, something just does not feel right. I am not telling anyone to not upgrade or that 10 is no good, I am just saying think about it, why is it free if it is so great, when no system before it was, or is free. MS could never stay in business giving away operating systems, there has to be something in it for them.

Just found this, if you do not mind paying a subscription charge down the road and forever, then go with 10, that appears to be their hidden agenda.

--- Quote ---Why Microsoft Announced Windows 10 Is 'The Last Version Of Windows'
'Free' Windows 10 Has High Cost To Windows 7 And Windows 8 Users
You can read the complete article here
Yes, Windows 10 will be the last numbered version of the OS and going forward it will simply become a ‘Windows’ subscription service. This upsets those who don’t like the idea of a subscription service, but the biggest concern is this: while Windows 10 will seamlessly upgrade to ‘Windows’ – this is a new beginning. Your OS would evolve into a new product for which you have to pay.

When would this happen? Microsoft hasn’t put a date on it, but two major Windows 10 updates dubbed ‘Redstone’ (a Minecraft reference) have already been flagged for release in mid and late 2016 respectively.

Could this be ‘Windows’? Right now we don’t know, but with two years between Windows Vista (2007) and Windows 7 (2009), three years to Windows 8 (2012) and three years to Windows 10 (2015) you may be getting pushed to a paid subscription ‘Windows’ in 2-3 years.

--- End quote ---

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
If windows 10 turns out to be a subscription type of an OS in 2 to 3 yrs, what OS is left that's free?
If I read this correctly, Apple is doing away or has done away with their Subscription type OS as stated in this article below. So, if and when Microsoft turns their Windows 10 into a paid OS subscription, it could be the down fall of Microsoft and maybe then again they will keep their last Windows OS as a free subscription to avoid any backlash from the loyal consumers that will be or now using Windows 10. So, why would Microsoft go to a OS paid subscription, it would be suicide for them wouldn't it? I really wouldn't know the answer to that down the road, if that's what Microsoft's intentions are in the near future 2 to 3 yrs from now. If that ever happens, a lot of people will be jumping off MS's band wagon, including yours truly and go over to Apple or finally try Ubuntu's free OS!  ??? :o
Apple Just Ended the Era of Paid Operating Systems

THE DESKTOP OPERATING system is dead as a major profit center, and Apple just delivered the obituary.
Amid a slew of incremental improvements to its iPad tablets and MacBook laptops, Apple today announced some landmark news about its oldest surviving operating system: It will not charge for the latest big upgrade, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, breaking from a tradition that goes back 16 years and shining a light on a long-unfolding reversal in how tech profits are made. Eighteen years ago, the tech industry’s dominant company made nearly half its revenue selling OS licenses.
Now, as Apple just confirmed, the prices of OS licenses are headed towards zilch.


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