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Copied from LinP3 Yahoo group post by John L Silva.

If you haven\'t been on a tour of the National Museum, well, here\'s your chance.

You\'ll be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the museums are (the former
Finance Building and the former Legislative Building) with its extensive
renovation inside yet keeping with its neo-Federal Style architecture outside.

There\'s fifteen galleries in the Museum of the Filipino people (formerly the
Finance Building) to explore our archaeological past and our anthropological
present. One gallery alone, with its incredible array of anthropomorphic
secondary burial jars, found just fifteen years ago, is astounding. The
highlight is of course four galleries devoted to the 1994 recovery of the
Spanish galleon San Diego. Its treasures give insights to the incredible 300
year trade that linked us to the Americas. We\'ll also see the current temporary
exhibits in the museum.

The former Legislative Building, now the National Gallery of Art, will be
another formidable encounter as we journey through 200 years of Filipino arts
and sculpture in seven galleries. The most spectacular sight is the gigantic
and original rendering The Spoliarium by Juan Luna. We pause to learn how this
masterpiece inspired our brave band of Filipino students in Madrid, including
Jose Rizal, to alter their lives and helped create our nation.

John L. Silva is Senior Consultant of the National Museum and has the most
fascinating stories and insights about the collection. He guides in an
interesting and humorous manner, delighting and inspiring his audience to be
proud of their culture and history.

A portion of the fees (700 pesos for adults, and 500 pesos for children up to 18 years) goes to John\'s I LOVE MUSEUM PROGRAM, bringing public school teachers to the National Museum to appreciate the arts and later bring their students.
Studies show that an arts educated child has higher grades, loves reading more, and make better citizens.

Each tour is three hours in duration, beginning at 10:00 am sharp (ending at
1:00 pm) at the rear entrance of the Museum of the Filipino People, (former Finance Building) Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park. Attendees are requested to wear walking shoes (please no heels) and reservations are strongly encouraged by texting or calling John Silva at 0926 729 9029. Or email him at jsilva79@...

Tour dates July 5, 12, 19, 20, 23, 26, 30 and August 2, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27 and 30th 2008.

See you at the National Museum.