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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Anyone 50 yrs and older from any country who has served in any branch of service retired or not and or married or not and do not have to have served a tour of duty in the Philippines can qualify for the Expanded SRRVisa.
(see 2015 SRRV guidelines attached thumb nail below for download)

Those with no military service and are not married, the long stay (LSVVE) 6 month visa is probably the best visa to apply for the long term, unless one prefers doing the every one or two month tourist 9a visa extensions before their 59 days visa expires, which can get old after a while if the nearest BI field office is off the beaten path and far away.

Anyone get one of these visa lately, member Danson L asked me about it?

Not lately but what is the question?  I might possibly know the answer or point him in the direction.  If I can't, I am sure someone else would be able to do so.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
The 2015 SRRV Guide I provided in my post above on this page should of answered all of Danson L's questions about the Expanded SRRVisa for ex-military members (retired or not), which I obtained my own SRRVisa just less than a year ago, but I initiated all of my paperwork, documents and physical exams in N. Calif. while on vacation and then returned to the Philippines to submit my completed application with all the required documents at the PRA main office in Makati for final processing (15 days).   

Danson L.:
 :)Many, many, many, many, many Thanks to EVERYONE for the information. It was EXACTLY what I needed 10000%. Ya'll "haved saved the day" I appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart. Ya'll the GREATEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I know what is going on. hahaha Thanks AGAIN!!!


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