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Can anyone tell me cheapest RT to Manila from west coast,prefer Phoenix but anyplace on West coast is fine as long as cheap.i am retired and very flexible on dates.Thanks in advance for helping me.bigjohn   you can email me directly at

Im not sure if its the cheapest route but Ive always used PAL out of Las Vegas via Vancover to Manila  very short lines and the customs are easier to transgress then in sf or la. and the lay over in Vancover is very short about 1 hour is all so its only 14 1/2 hours for the flight

Plesae tell me what PAL stands for,also approximate fare.Thanks.bigjohn


--- Quote from: bigjohn on February 07, 2008, 10:37:42 AM ---Plesae tell me what PAL stands for,also approximate fare.Thanks.bigjohn

--- End quote ---

PAL stands for Plane Always Late (an old joke)!  Of all the airlines servicing the Philippines PAL has the worst safety record and have killed the most passengers.  To purists, PAL stands for Philippine Air Lines.

BigJohn.  Get thee to a travel agent quickly.  If you have any Pinoy travel agents there use them.  They will be the most familiar with the routes and the costs.  If you don\'t know of one, look for a Pilipino or Asian market and ask them if they know of a Pinoy agent.  They will be your best bet and will get you a ticket for much less than any online website.  I always use an agent and she beats them everytime.  Beats them by a lot too.

Good luck and HTH.


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