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What PNoy bought inside US gun store


Interesting and quite a coincidence that the owner of the gun stores wife is a Filipina, so the president gave him an iphone 5 case that says "Its more fun in the Philippines"

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CALIFORNIA - Despite his full itinerary in the US, President Aquino was able to squeeze in some personal time including a visit to a California gun store.

A known gun enthusiast, Aquino and his entourage visited Peninsula Guns and Tactical in San Bruno, California, which is located less than ten minutes away from San Francisco International Airport.

Store owner Jeff Downs assisted the President during his visit to the store. He said Aquino was not looking to purchase any weapons, rather he was looking for gun accessories.

"He was really interested in the EO tech optics for rifles. I guess it's really hard to get them in the Philippines so he was able to get them here. Some of his members of his entourage were able to pick up some stuff too," he said.

According to Downs, President Aquino bought optics, a range bag, eye and ear protection, and a safe.

"He spent a decent amount of money. I don't think it would be appropriate to say," he said.

Aquino spent about an hour in the shop, browsing the store and talking about guns to the workers.

"He's a very nice guy. He sat here and talked to us for a while and he took some pictures with us. He was very pleasant and very mild mannered, a big enthusiast of firearms, you can tell from by his knowledge so it was fun," Downs said.

Downs is married to a Filipina. When President Aquino learned of the store owner's Filipino ties, he gave Downs a special gift.

"He gave me an iPhone 5 cover saying 'It's More Fun in the Philippines.' I'm going to give this to my mother-in-law because she'll really enjoy it because she's from the Philippines," he said.

Downs said he is used to seeing some famous people stop by but he never thought someone like President Aquino would walk through the doors.

"We get some athletes, professional athletes every once in a while and some local dignitaries but nobody of a presidential nature like that. It was pretty neat," he said.

San Francisco's Hoodline website said the President also stopped by a burger joint and browsed jazz CDs at Amoeba Music. -

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