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First time poster, so go easy on me please. :)

I am a recently retired US Vet, still living in the States (female, past age 50).

I just found out about a courtesy SRRV for Vets in the Philippines.

Sometime this Spring/Summer 2015, I will be making my way throughout SE Asia for a six month self-directed excursion/trip/adventure.  Dates aren't firmed up yet - still getting all the planning/paperwork/Stateside affairs buttoned up.

Besides satisfying my desire to learn/know more about the many different cultures in SE Asia, it is my desire to use my Post 9/11 GI Bill at a college/university in SE Asia (have a few choices narrowed down & will be "boots on the ground" to visit them in person while I'm in their neighborhoods).

My questions are regarding this courtesy SRRV for Vets - and I thank-you for responding in advance!....

1.  Is this Visa still "alive" and available for use these days?

2.  In the reading I've done, everything states I will need some sort of a police check.  What kind and from which police agency?  I'm still living here in the States, so is this from the City Police, County Police, State Police, or the FBI?

3.  From what I've read, I can show up in Manila and get this SRRV Courtesy Visa.  I need a Police check report, my DD-214, 1,400 USD for the SRRV, 1,500 USD for a bank account set-up, and a US passport (mine will be a new one with lots of unused pages as my old one expired).  I meet the minimum monthly pension requirements (VA Comp/military retirement, etc).

**** Do I need any other documents that I can/need to get here in the States BEFORE I arrive in Manila?  I'd hate to get all the way over to Manila, only to find out I am missing a document that can only be procured by my having to be physically present back in the States! 

****  Oh. Will a computer-generated letter from the VA web-site stating my monthly VA compensation suffice?  How about proving my military income?

4.  What is the name/address of the agency I need to go to when I arrive in Manila?  Everything says BI (Bureau of Immigration?) - but if this is where I need to go - where the heck is it?

5.  I'm thinking this could take a couple of months to process, so will need a place to hang my hat in Manila while I wait for the SRRV to go through.  NOT looking for a 5-star expensive place to stay, but NOT a backpackers hostel, either.  I'm thinking 3-6 months in Manila at the most as I will be needing other VISAs from other nations in my passport after I get my passport back with the SRRV in it.  Looking for something safe, clean, easy to access taxi/public transportation, furnished, kitchen. 

Where to stay for 3-6 months?

ANY ideas or recommendations on a safe and solid place?  Looks like the Makati area/District(?) is where most of the Embassies are located.  I assume once I get my passport back from the SRRV people, the other SE Asian embassies in Manila will be able to provide me with their VISAs - and then off I will go for a few months.

My thought is this:  Since I'm already planning for a long time to be in SE Asia (this trip & 3 years of school), then why not stop in at Manila and secure this SRRV while I'm there - and make this the first thing I do before I begin my travels?  It would make good use of my time, eliminate my having to return to the States (no round-trip ticket for me!), and get a toe-hold in SE Asia - regardless of which school or in which nation I decide to study in/at.  The Philippines would be the place I can always return to and get "planted" for good when my education is completed.

I hope I have given you enough information to fully respond to my questions.

And I thank-you very much for all your smart advice/recommendations!



Gray Wolf:
Here is a earlier thread about the Courtesy SRRV:

I know we had a discussion about the military service requirements, but for the life of me I can't find it.  Bud or Art, do you remember the thread where this was discussed?  If so, post a link here, please.

Thanks!   :)

One of my friends did his SRRV last year, below is what he was told he needed.
Below is a copy of email to my friend.

"the police clearance and the proof of pension are the only documents that
you really need to secure from the US. Just make
sure that they have been authenticated by the Philippine Embassy there. Are
the 2 documents authenticated already? It should
have the red ribbon from the Philippine Consul if it has been authenticated

We also need 13pcs. 2x2 ID picture with white background but we can just
get it here for less than P200.00.

We also need to get you your medical certificate but we can also just get
it here quickly for P600.00.

If the Police Clearance and the Proof of Pension have all been
authenticated, then, all you really need to do is bring yourself
over here so we can process your visa quickly."

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Here's a few more links that one of our members, jjcabgou actually completed his Special SRRV for the U.S. retired military and or other qualified Vets at the Manila Makati Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA).
Email/PM him for other questions anyone may have.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

Try the POCs below and see if they will reply to your questions. I've sent emails to the Rep at Clark/Subic before and he replied back:

Marketing Manager
Philippine Retirement Authority
29F Citibank Tower
8741 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City
Mobile NO. 09178553811
Tel No. 02-8481412

The PRA Rep. for Clark / Subic is:
Officer-in-Charge, Clark-Subic Satellite Office
Mobile No.: 09184480102    09175406299
Email :


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