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Retirement visa or Tourist visa?

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I have never been to the P.I. before. I am retired, and not sure how long I want to stay. What kind of visa do I get, and can I extend it ? Also do they have a retirement visa like Thailand ?



U can extend after the 21 days for another 30 days . Twice then u get an extension for a year. This has to be at an immigration office. If you enter the Ph with your wife then as you go through customs ask for a Balikbayan this will give you 1 year in the ph. You have to be with your wife and show proof of who she is etc. They will stamp your passport for balikbayan giving you 1 year in the ph.
  I did the extension thing before. I left and went back to the states. then found out about the Balikbayan.  You can go on line at the and ask about this. They will send you info on it. also if your plane tickets are for longer than 21 days you should have info about the balikbayan   to show them at check in counter departing the us. it is ok to stay longer than 21 days.

The best option is to start with the tourist visa. It\'s easy to extend and relatively cheap. That is assuming you\'re single.
If your married to a local then your best bet is to come here with her and avail of the one year free stay \"Balikbayan stamp\" and if you decide to retire here get the 13a Spousal Visa.

If coming here single you don\'t have to have a round trip ticket, but you need at least a further on destination. Most people will buy a \"trash ticket\" to Hong Kong or Singapore to meet the requirement.

You\'ll know after 1 year if you want to retire here. It\'s best not to go through all the expense of a SRRV (Retirement Visa) until your sure that the Philippines is for you.

Sure the cheap cost of living and Tropical climate attract Retirees. But there are some things unique to the Philippines that some foreigners just cannot adapt to.

Paul in Iloilo
USN CPO Retired, Married and living in Iloilo City since 2002.


--- Quote from: ray.len on September 07, 2011, 08:58:01 AM ---U can extend after the 21 days for another 30 days . Twice then u get an extension for a year. This has to be at an immigration office.

--- End quote ---

Actually your first extension is for 38 days making a total of 59 days.  You can also obtain a single entry visa from the Philippine Embassy or Consulate serving your home area that will give you the full 59 days upon arrival.  It\'ll also cost you about half as much as that 38 day extension.  After your initial 59 days you may continue to extend for 16 months.  However you must do this in two month increments, always going to immigration to obtain the extension approx one week before it\'s expiration.  After 16 months you may extend for another 8 months, again in two month increments, but you will need the approval of the head office in Manila each time.  This can be done by having local immigration fax the paperwork to Manila.  That will give you 24 months or a total of two years in country.  At that point you must leave the country.  You may re-enter as soon as you wish and start the extensions all over again.

The balikbayan option is what I\'m going to do.  Landing on a 21 day tourist visa by myself, then taking the wife on a quickie 4 day hong kong vacation and returning as balikbayan.  The reason for this is to save on the headache of extending a tourist visa or having a tourist visa expire while in the middle of a 13a application that takes 2 months. 

The wife gets her shopping needs taken care of, and don\'t have to waste time on the extra trips to the BOI.


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