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Having lived in Hawaii, I loved seeing men and women dressed in Hawaiian shirts and mumus. Before I left, a good friend of mine had a wedding, a beautiful mixed motif of Hawaiian/FIlipino. The bride wore a beautiful white gown, Haku Lei, a traditional Hawaiian head lei and a bouquet of cascading tropical flowers. The groom wore a Barong Tagalog and a Mailei Lei. All the sponsors and guests wore Hawaiian shirts and dresses.  I wore a simple Hawaiian shift dress that I sewed as I don't look good at all in a mumu dress. There's flowers everywhere and it was a happy emotionally charged event.

I think FLOWERS bring positive emotional feelings. Those who loves wearing Hawaiian shirts and dresses are by nature happy people who have a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. They have magnetic personality eliciting positive effects on others. Just look at the happy faces of Tom Seleck, Mayor Atienza, the ex mayor of Manila, our very own forum members GW and Meylou, they all have in common, they love to wear Hawaiian clothes.

I remember an incident when I was in line at Longs drug in Oahu. In front of me is an elderly happy looking gentleman holding a bouquet of beautiful fresh roses. I said smilingly, the recipient of that lovely flower is a lucky woman, what's the occasion if you don't mind me asking. He said laughingly, no occasion, I just like buying my wife flowers because it makes her happy and that makes  me a happy man! Ayyayyay! There you go guys...

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: meylou on May 25, 2014, 09:05:00 AM ---
Never knew Jack is a fan of Hawaiian shirts.  Good for you, Jack.  :) You have a fan here then.

--- End quote ---

We went out with another Fil/Am couple on Friday night, which gave me an excuse to "dress up".  This is my current favorite shirt.

Sorry for the blurry pics.  Our "photographer" was a little tipsy, and giggling   :D   

    My wife has been a US citizen for 18 years. We (my wife, my two adult children and me) walked up to immigration together and my wife and the agent spoke in Tagalog.  We all got Balikbayan, no problem.  By the way Jack, that's a beautiful shirt!


Jack, you and Gloria are a beautiful couple.  I like your shirt!

Julie, thank you.  Our Hawaiian attires are worn on 'special occasions' only, otherwise, we're in shorts and t-shirts.  When we go to church, the ushers always mistake us for tourists and give us shell leis. It's the same when we're dining out. Probably because of my husband. Hay naku!   

On my first visit to the Philippines in 1988 I wore Hawian shirts but I was a lot slimmer then so they went long ago. Maybe I should buy some more.


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