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I Did It!

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Mr. Pogi eh, maybe old an old fogy yeah! Anyway, when you reach age 60, you can apply for a Senior Citizen 20% Discount Card, because I assume the minimum P60,000 a year income limit has been exempted, but still in question! Anyway, all the dual citizen senior citizens I know has their discount card and on top of that their Phil Health Medical Health Ins!   

Congrat' thought it, and you became it.......... :)


BTW Art is pogi and my first impression of him when my wife and I met him was that he looks like a high up govt official. I doubt anyone would mess with Art if they saw him in the street and did not know him.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Oh really now?  I was at the SM dept store one day, had my shades on and one of the sales lady came up to me asked me if I was an actor in Philippine movie industry? I think she was just hamming me up and wanted me to buy something expensive! I did anyway though, bought something expensive, a P20,000 TV stand made of real solid wood for my new 55" LED TV!
Ops! See how Lee can make me stray off the main topic! ??? :o  ;)

Congrats! :)



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