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Shipping containers info suggestions?

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Does any one have and information on shipping household good via a shipping container? (cost, company name, sizes, do\'s and donts ect..) looking at maybe a 20\' container shipped from the North West Florida area. Also what are the restrictions in shipping a mottorcycle or Scooter? Any tax involved?

Thanks  Tom Bevan

Tom, try this link;

There is an online calculator to figure out how much the shipping will cost.

Forget any vehicles.  Everything I\'ve heard tells me that\'s too expensive.  Seems as they are taxed at full value and customs is the one to establish what that value is.  You can buy replacements in RP quite easily.


I\'m sure there are some here who can give you info on shipping containers and shippers.  I can only tell you that to ship a motorcycle here is not cheap and you should know that the duty could and, most likely will be about 125% of what customs determines is the value

i wanted to ship a scooter and I was told in no uncertan terms by the Phils shippers that it would be a nightmare not only as much tax as they feel like charging , but the papers to get it in and on the road are an absolute nightmare, they didnt even want the job if it included a scooter. this is the email of the people i used in Cebu , had no probs , and they didnt rip me off , for storage or additional unexpeted fees
hans( at)

We shipped a 20\' container from the west coast to Cebu for US$2,500 about 5 years ago.  We just started calling shippers and negotiated a price.  Be careful what you ship, customs can get very expensive!  Used clothes and school supplies passed on through with no duty.   


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