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Just a statement of fact, not a statement of how we all should do it, I am sure the more learned have much cheaper ways, but for me it is one of the cheapest trips I have ever made in now my third time I return. I hope this can at least help someone who leaves on the east coast of the USA to possibly allow them to save some hard earned dollars in the USA. First after booking two previous flights on the internet through and another unmentioned carrier who I have a pending claim against, I can say with this \"agent\" I was so impressed by the personal service that he gave me and the quick response to my questions, that I thought I was in another country. I learned of this agent from my bank manager who is a Filipino married to an American who is a USA citizen now living in this country for 15 years. She and her whole family are Jennifer and I dearest of friends. She in May of this year went back to the Philippines, (Cebu) for the first time in 15 years. She ask me out right because I had many contacts with both Foreigners in the RP and some limited amount of knowledge due to this site, if she was going to get into any trouble by staying more than 21 days(her vacation plans ran 31 days) would she be fined or penalized when she left for the USA for she was a USA Citizen and had stayed more than 21 days would she have to pay?....I told her honestly I did not know for sure, but from what I had read on the many web sites I visited daily in the Philippines, I did not think so for this was her first visit back, she had not declared herself a Filipino Citizen reapplying for Philippine Citizenship that I felt she would not be questioned over a 8 day extension....well she returned...and I was right no one said anything to her, her 8 year old born in the USA son or her Mother and Father that she had brought over to the USA 8 years ago. Then she told me of this wonderful booking agent, who told her not to leave on Northwest Airlines from BWI(Baltimore Washington international)  but instead take Delta to New York, change to Catha y Pacific and fly a direct route from New York to Hong Kong, and then directly into Cebu without going into Manila. Well she said even though they were in Last Class(Fare)(Coach), in front of each seat was a 15 inch TV full of all the movies for free you wanting to watch, plus computer games for her son, music for her Mom and Pop, and food, every 2 hours they came around and ask people if they needed something more to eat. The service was outstanding and more than she had ever seen. Well following her advice I called the same agent today, booked a flight for me and my way for my wife, one way for myself with an ongoing ticket to Hong Kong, and the cost was 760 for both of us plus 280 for the ticket to Hong before you all jump....yes I realize that is only one way for I am moving to the RP to retire, but round trip was only 1180.I realize that October is not \"peak season\" in the RP, but with the rising price of gas...I still feel this I got a very good deal and remember a one way only means that when you need to come back it is much cheaper to go to a travel agent in Manila and buy a ticket back home to the USA, than do the reverse and buy a round trip that you may never use. Thus if anyone on the east coast wishes to know this agents phone number , email, fax, just write me offline, for I don\'t feel it correct to advertise for anyone on this site.

See you all in October!!!
The Murf and Jen-Jen

I\'m a bit confused ??? If he/she was a Filipino Citizen and now is a U.S. Citizen and is traveling to the Philippines on a U.S. Passport, he/she can bring his/her old Philippine passport and avail her/himself with the Balikbayon Program and enter the Country visa free for 1 year, no hassles of renewing anything.

As you can see with the \"he/she\", I haven\'t read your thread closely  ;D

Now if there is a name change by marriage between the passports, (RP-U.S.), a marriage cert. will be needed also. A RP birth cert. wouldn\'t hurt either if available.

From what I have read, paying for an over stay at the airport is no longer available, PERIOD! The person will be sent to the BI and take care of things there, meaning missing the flight!

A former RP Citizen can reclaim their Citizenship, (dual citizenship), and have the best of both Countries.

Hope I haven\'t confused the whole thread?  ???

B-Ray wrote;

--- Quote ---  Hope I haven\'t confused the whole thread?   
--- End quote ---

Quite right B-Ray.  Geno, next time you see this lady I suggest you inform her of the opportunity she has to reacquire her RP Citizenship.  It\'s a quick and easy process that my wife accomplished last year.  She will need to get in touch with the Consulate serving her area (I\'ll include a link below).  All it entails is filling out a form, payment of $50 and visiting the Consulate to be sworn in.  Like B-Ray said, then she has the priveleges of both countries.

RP Consulates in the US;

Greg and B-Ray, I could not agree with the both of you more, but it does go along way in proving the point that not everything we read in print is the way it really happens in the RP. To clarify this is a \"Lady\" Filipino I am speaking of, she is a USA Citizen for over 10 years now, she is married to an American, she intially asked me several questions about her 31 day vacation in May to the RP and like you both state I told her about paying 50 dollars to reacquire her Philippine Citizenship, she shrug it off, for she said she really didn\'t think it necessary for she had no plan to go back to the Philippines any time soon as she is only like 45 and has 20 more years before her retirement. The only point i was attempting to make was in regards to the cheap airfare I got and to pass that information on to anyone who may want to use the same agent. I in no way meant to imply that this lady and friend of mine somehow purposely skirted the laws of the RP by staying passed her initial 21 days without an extension for either herself her 10 year old USA Citizen son or her Mother and Father who she brought over from the RP years ago but are not US Citizens by their choice alone. All I know is she had no problems leaving here from the USA, had no problems getting back her from The RP to the USA, and did not incur any fees or penalties upon her departure, and told me no one ask her anything. Now of course what you say B-Ray is probably true, she probably has an old Passport along with her new one those are questions I would never dare ask her, for she is a very intelligent bright woman who has moved herself along in the American economy of being at first a bathroom cleaner at McDonald\'s, to a cashier to an as sitant manager to a manager for 3 years and then she applied to one of our major banks here as a teller, within 5 years even though there were some others there (Americans) who had been at that bank for years she got promoted to chief teller and now is in charge of the bank whenever the manager is away. She also is in charge of all the countless wire transfers she does through forex for the many OFW we have here , for the rate is so much cheaper than western union for you can send up to 10,000 us dollars for only16 dollars door to door in the Philippines.I agree that everything should always be done by the laws of the host country you are residing in and as for myself and my wife we always try to the letter to obey what ever they ask of us. I know for example right now I am about to pay 380 dollars for an extension on my asawas green card for we are leaving for the philippines soon.The law clearly states on the USCIS web site that you need to do that while you are still in the USA before you leave for the Philippines, but I know also of an American who did not do such for his wife and when he went to leave the Philippines with his green card only wife, he ran into some problems for the Embassy told him she had \"abandoned\" the USA by staying in the Philippines for 18 months without an extension, I also know after going to the US Embassy, to the American Citizenship Services Department it took him 3 days only to get her Visa reinstated along with her temporary green card which yes did cost him some \"Bucks\", but hey no whammies, and to this day she not only is back in the USA, but is also now a citizen. I suppose what I am trying to say that even for the majority of us, we can only do certain things in a certain way as prescribed by law, there appears to me at times more than one way to skin a \"cat\", I am quick to accept that I am in no way saying one should circumvent the laws of either the USA or the RP....but sometimes I think we get to \"boggled\" down and have our minds made up that the way \"we do it\" is the only way it is capable of being done.I tend to look at life as it is not so much a challenge , as it is a \"game\" which I am so insignificant...that \"life\" goes on whether I wish it to or not...but more goes on even if i don\'t play the game. I like the \"path of least resistance\" how i will end this post ;D


Clearly, your Filipina friend is clever enough to sort things for herself & hasn\'t asked for any assistance. Just for the record & for your own information though, should it be needed. She had 2 clear & legal ways open to her for this trip if she did not see the need for reacquiring her Philippine citizenship. One, avail herself & her family of the Balikbayan stamp, which would give them 12 months free entry as a returning Filipino. Second as any visitor, she would be entitled to 21 days visa free entry & at the airport could ask for this to be extended to 59 days for a small fee. All legal & above board. More info should you need it at any time on our \"Visa\" board here

Hope she enjoyed her visit back to her homeland & will encourage her friends to visit also. You can at least point them to your agent to get a good deal on their flights  8) ;D



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