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Flying from the Netherlands


I\'m going to be heading out of Asia for a new job in the Netherlands. I\'m going to be within a couple hours drive from Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt Germany. I would like to know if any board members that live in those areas, have a preference when it comes to flying to the PI. From what I can tell, there are direct flights from Amsterdam on KLM to Manila, and it seems to arrive pretty early in the morning, so catching a flight to Cebu or Tacloban is a good possibility.

Any help will be appreciated... 8)



Philippines, Netherlands increase two-way air flights

The Philippines and the Netherlands have increased air flights between the two countries amid growing demand from overseas Filipino workers and tourists, local newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on Sunday.

The report quoted Philippine Secretary of Transport Leandro Mendoza as saying that new air services agreement with the Netherlands will also open up Philippine skies further, particularly at Clark international airport 50 kilometers north of Manila.

The Netherlands-based KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is currently the only European airline flying from the Philippines to Europe.

The new air services agreement provides seven Manila-Amsterdam flights per week, seven Clark-Amsterdam flights, and another seven to be distributed among the country\'s other international airports, said the report.

An equivalent number of flights from Amsterdam to Manila will be allowed to enter these destinations.

Data from the Department of Tourism show that traffic between Manila and Amsterdam has been increasing from a two-way volume of 186,504 in 2005 to 208,255 in 2006 and 212,078 in 2007.


Wow...that really helps. Now hopefully they have a few flights to Cebu a week. Now I\'m feeling much better about the move to Netherlands. Wonder how easy it will be to have my fiance visit me there? Once I get there, we will start the paperwork and see.

Thanks again for the info... 8)



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