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Companies outside the Philippines helping Philippine citizens break the law

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Justica, you keep going over the same ground with no new information, no factual or credible sources, hearsay. firstly you are spending time and effort writing to an expat site with limited exposure, members offered what help they could, asked for more details etc. As you said "End of story".
You also said """I don't know how I can help without going public, the only information I have is from people that have investigated these sites.
It's all over the internet and in the media, there is enough evidence to take these websites down and prosecute the owners.
But the facts remain, nobody is doing anything about them, they are getting away with multiple child abuse crimes every day."""
Then go public, aim for a bigger audience, newspapers, television, radio and as I said earlier lobby politicians but make sure you have facts, figures and credibility.
Remember though that if you manage to "take down" those sites and perpetrators there will be a lot of hungry mouths with no income, that's why I said in my previous post "" There will always be those that take advantage of the innocent and weak, remove them and the pickings are slim.
Food, housing, education, then "legal" employment will curtail and hopefully stop abuse of the innocent"".
There needs to be a program/institution/safety net in place, up and running to help not only the abused children but also their families, remove the poverty, give them hope. A huge task in a developing nation.

Justica, put your energy into making a difference, even if you only help one child, that would be fantastic.

Good luck with your efforts, I hope you can make a difference.
Cheers, Steve

To the members/readers of this forum.
Thanks for the informative input, Art as always seems to have his finger on the pulse; bcnorth, good info with Father Shay Cullen, maybe he could be a good contact point for Justica.

Cheers, Steve

D. Williams:
This topic is now closed, it has run its course, there is nothing any of the members of this forum can do to improve the conditions, most, no all of the members of this forum would not be involved in any of those abuse situations and we surely do not need any of those sites posted on this forum to give them even more activity.

Topic closed. OP my suggestion is that you contact the new president of the Philippines or follow the other suggestion.


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