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Companies outside the Philippines helping Philippine citizens break the law

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Big Jim,
I defer to you that Justica is a female rather than a male. The questions she asks are similar, if not the same, as the many, many questions that have been asked about the very recent Panama City scandal and the financial firm, Mossack Fonseca, that has hidden literally hundreds of millions of dollars from tax collectors. More to the point, those hiding the money are guilty of offenses, but the firm doing the hiding, Mossack Fonseca, maintains it didn't know the money it was hiding was money that should have been paid in taxes. So far the company has been charged with a criminal offense by no one. As an aside, the Prime Minister of Iceland had to resign because of is dealings with Mossack Fonseca, but the Panamanian company was not charged.


--- Quote from: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on May 08, 2016, 01:59:10 PM ---Without any specifics, no one on here can comment to your OP.
Since this is your only your 2nd post, we would appreciate you introducing yourself so we know who you are and where you're coming from.

--- End quote ---

I agree with Art.  Perhaps in the fullness of time it will become clear what this has to do with living in the PI.  The 2 posts to date seem to bear little connection with what this forum is about.

--- Quote from: Justica on May 08, 2016, 08:40:03 AM ---If your government have laws that prohibit you from partaking in certain activities, they obviously have these laws for good reasons.

--- End quote ---

Justica reposes far more confidence than I in governments.  My experience has been that not all laws are backed by good reason.  An example.  When I was a kid, lotteries and buying lottery tickets was illegal in Canada.  There was a black market trade in Irish Sweepstakes tickets, facilitated by offshore companies in some instances. 

It is difficult to ascribe "good reason" to that law when, within a few years, the Canadian government became a major lottery supporter.  In every province now there are lotteries running non-stop and the government rakes in billions, most of which is spent in ways to does little for the average Canadian. 

Fortunately, when the anti-lottery law was on the books, I do not believe that a lot of Canadian taxpayers' money went into making sure those trafficking in lottery tickets were hunted down and prosecuted which, according to Justica, should have occurred. 

Hestercrefter, I am not arguing whether governments should or should not uphold its laws. Rather I am merely pointing out that a firm in Panama was identified by hackers breaking into the companies accounting system. It turns out that money obtained illegally was being hidden by the Panamanian company and the question has continually come up whether this third party firm can be charged for hiding the money? Justica posts the question, "If a person or persons, hiding behind a company name, from another country, offer a service that allows citizens in your country to participate in activities where they are committing criminal offences, doesn't that make the persons offering the service guilty of aiding and abetting in crimes? Right now that question is being asked by the citizenry in a number of countries who have discovered that government officials were hiding money. Articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and the New Yorker have discussed whether third parties were liable. I admit I have not seen this issue come up in a Philippine paper.

bcnorth, I take your point and nothing I wrote was intended to be in response to (or in any disagreement with) your post.

Apologizes for my late reply, I'm working away from home a lot.

I have a couple of subject I'd like to bring to your attention but this issue concerns me the most.
And We'd like to know why nothing is being done to prosecute the culprits, the people providing the facilities ie. websites.

It might not be the right topic for this forum, but this is Laws, Regulations category and I just want to let people know that
there are people out there, in other countries that do actually care about other people's well being, and I don't think it's
right that any young person, especially young girls should have to go into the sex industry because they can't find a good job.
In many cases they might prefer to work in the sex industry than get regular employment, and that's sad, something is wrong.

This is not about pointing the finger or bringing the hammer down on anyone, it's not my job, but someone is not doing their job.
I read international news and have heard some pretty disturbing stories that make me concerned, I think you should be too.

And don't try tell me that sex sells, the only reason sex sells is because people prefer to ignore it and it goes on around us,
Even if it involves exploiting young people, the truth is, there are many adults out there that are happy to take these girls in.

Just because you were born into poverty, doesn't mean that your only choice in life is to have sex with perverts for an income.
I think the law should be going after these websites and putting them out of business completely, but they are doing nothing.
I believe these websites are responsible for 1000's of crimes, not only for aiding and abetting in crimes where young people are
used for sex daily, in countries where it's illegal, these sites are taking in under aged girls daily, for as long as they have existed.

Here's an example of laws that are already in place, and for very good reasons,
Yet the police and government are completely ignoring the true source/s of the problems,
I wonder why, as the evidence is right here on the net and if anybody actually looked, these sites would be prosecuted.
And I mean prosecuted to the full extent of the law, by an intentional jury, the owners deserve to and should be put in jail.

Let me ask you a question, how would you feel if your young daughter ended up on a site where mostly adults
use and disrespect them just to fulfill their sexual perverted needs? what would you do about it if you found out?
No point in telling the police about it, they'll just go after the people that are on cam, not the actual source of the problem.

Cam sex, exploitation of mostly young girls by adults who facilitate these girls, call it grooming or whatever you prefer.
There are many adults across the Philippines that have families of their own, and many of those families have children.
You'd think these people would know better than to exploit young girls for sex, considering the sentence involved if caught.

How is it that so many of these people are taking in young girls, many under age, probably no older than their own children.
I'm talking 14/15/16 year old girls, they are given meals, treated like family, and allowed to perform sex acts in their homes.
This is common across the Philippines in thousands of homes, apartments, maybe your next door neighbor, in many cases the
whole street knows whats going on and many organized groups facilitating these needs, targeting women and young girls.

How sick is that? who do you blame? do you blame the government because the rate of pay is so low nobody wants jobs?

These abusers have no way of verifying these girl's ages when it comes to getting them access to adult sex sites,
Yet these websites are taking in young girls every day and allowing them to have cyber sex with mostly adult males.

We read the news and people are investigating these sites, but nobody does anything to stop them.
These sites are usually hosted on servers outside the Philippines and web site providers usually provide their domains.
So I believe -web site providers have some part in these crimes also and the companies that are providing the servers.

Why are law enforcement not looking into this, the truth is there, why not work together to shut these websites down?

These websites might be run from other countries, but they are helping people in your country to break serious laws.
Aiding and abetting in criminal activities, they are responsible for these crimes, why is is nobody stopping them?

Research has shown that many of these girls families are living in poverty, and the best they can hope for is moving to
the cities where people are more than willing to take them in, with their own families in many cases and allow them to
perform sex acts maybe 15 hours a day 7 days a week, these girls grow up thinking this is normal, they'll never want a job.

The fact is, these websites are online right now, not only is it illegal to perform sex acts on cams in the Philippines
They are certainly guilty of that, but they are also guilty of child abuse crimes, every single cam site online is involved.
If you asked, they would tell you that no under aged girls are allowed, but they're already guilty of aiding and abetting
crimes against humanity, child abuse crimes, and helping people in your country commit crimes that carry a heavy jail sentence.

Should they be allowed to continue? why haven't they been shut down and prosecuted already?
If it was my job I can assure you these websites would be facing some serious charges.

It's not difficult to find the people behind the company names, contact the domain registrar and let them know what's really happening.

The police and international groups need to target these websites and get the evidence that is there and put them behind bars.

Surely if China can ban people from using fruit erotically, your government can prosecute these people for running sex sites
and allowing people to commit crimes that will put them in jail if they are caught, so why haven't they?

(names of companies removed)


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