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--- Quote from: jjcabgou on May 03, 2018, 08:21:31 AM ---try to negotiate the same as you would in the USA or other countries. 

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Thanks,  sort of what I thought also.   I had several ppl telling me that the price will be fixed and so on.  I guess it is just like anything else.  It can be negotiated.

I bought in 2016 and looked at different vehicles and dealerships.  It appears all dealerships have the same SRP from the manufacturer.  They do run promos during the year as when we bought our Hyundai Tucson which had  a 100K discount, plus the normal inclusion of mats, tint, 3 yr registration, insurance, auto club, etc.  Hyundai is again running a promo from 1-31 May 18 for 50-200K off depending on the model.  We were financing so haggling on the price seemed to be a non player at all the dealerships but that might have been because the vehicles we looked at were already on a promo price.  Haggling came into play on getting extras that were not already included. 



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