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Modular Wall System - Room Divider Walls


This might be a good business for the Philippines since many people live in studios. One could also use the used plastics to make the blocks thus killing two birds with one idea.

My first impression is that that system takes up a lot of space.  You lose a lot of square footage due to the thickness of the wall.

To me that wall thickness is a deal breaker.

Iíve seen other systems that are intended to be easy to construct that take up a lot less square footage.

Here is a picture I took at a building supply Co. in France. This is somewhat similar in the stacking idea but takes up a lot less room because that system is only about 2 to 2-1/2 inch thick.

The picture shows two different stacking systems the one on the left and the one in the middle. The one on the right is closer to what is standard wall construction in France. Their (in France) walls are thinner that a standard 2x4 and sheetrock walls you find in the US.

The above one looks to be more permanent but I do agree that the one in the video that I posted would take up too much room, so maybe they could make the block thinner, like they do with concrete blocks in the Philippines, in the US the concrete blocks are about twice as thick, so why not the Lego blocks too.

So youíre looking to the advantage of a system being temporary, reconfigurable. Yeah if something were easily reconfigurable but also didnít take up much space then that would be a winner.

You never know what simple idea might just make a person rich.

Man I just want to go build a cool car or plane or whatever, with all these neat lego type blocks.



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