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Wrangler style Jeepney builder in Cebu?

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There are several excellent jeepney builders in cagayan, Allison and Domsall. These are top of the range jeepneys for carrying passengers, but they were not interested in building owner style jeeps . San pablo City, Lucena is the jeepney capital of the world and you can bprobably find a builder there to build to spec. in 1999, Blessed Motors built me jeepneys to ship to europe, to UK SVA spec. at 300K peso and 1600 US Dlrs for shipment.

I am still looking for the perfect owner jeep builder who can build to my design and spec, and also a MG - TF sportscar replica.

One of my \'one day\' plans is to buy a used owner Jeepney and rebuild it with mild V8 power and running gear that is set up for the weight of the car. I see some of the suspension systems they use and they are literally solid.

Friend of mine in AC has an Austin Healey replica, off the road, and there are at least two others driving around. There was a mould doing the rounds several years ago, but I don\'t know who has it now.

I\'m building my own hot rodded replica of a  1928 Model A Roadster pick-up. Should be fun getting this registered....


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