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Wrangler style Jeepney builder in Cebu?

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What were the reasons given by your cardealer/mechanic for not getting the jeep?  What was the price for the jeep at that time, or now, if you know?   ???

He said it was because of spare parts availability.. Im not sure what he was talking about now as Im pretty sure most of them have Pajero engines..
I`ll see him today or tomorrow so I`ll ask him again and post his answer.. 2 years ago the one I looked at was P350,000.  As I mentioned..2 years ago they were everywhere..Now I rarely see them.

BTW..The Pajeros that he`s selling have gone up by almost P100,000 in the last 6 months due to new licensing issues..They seem to be having nightmares getting them licenced and registered at all just lately..
I think that the government have put heavy restrictions and bans on imported second hand surplus vehicles..

Here I go showing my ignorance again.  What is a Pajero?  My wife just saw this and says it\'s a car in the Philippines but that is all she knows about it.  Could you add to that a little bit.  Is this one of those used cars they are importing from Japan and updating for left hand steering?  Thanks in advance for your help.


My neighbour converts about one every two months(right hand drive,Japanese Mitsubishi surplus)..When he is finished with one (at least 10 years old) it almost looks new..
They are very popular 4X4`s here..
I have heared a few horror stories about the quality of conversions done in Subic though.
IMO most second hand vehicles here are expensive but that is because of the import charges,registration etc. In the UK you can get them for half the price.

Here`s a couple of sites that advertise used cars in RP.
and here

Sorry I still havent seen him(mechanic/dealer)...When I do I will ask him your question..



I have a Pajero with the steering wheel on the left side, and it was imported directly from Japan. There was no conversion. It\'s been a terrific car.


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