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How to use the currency words piso or peso(s) correctly!

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Gray Wolf:
Amen Brett!  Life is too short!  Have a beer and relax!   :)

X2 Brett, I just wish that was all I had to worry about...I think Ill just have another Red Horse...

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I only bought up this topic of this controversial misunderstood little Filipino Tagalog word "PISO", because it has been constantly being used and spoken by foreigners not knowing the true use of it, because Filipinos will hear it in a not so correct way and take notice, but won't say a word and just giggle to themselves and the foreigner will just go about his/her business none the wiser or not affected by it's meaning, because they have never been informed or taught of it's use in the Filipino language spoken word! I don't know about the other dialects in how it's used or at all, but Tagalog is the base language in the Philippines with English now taught in most schools! Me personally, I only grew up speaking Tagalog and ever since I retired here, English has become my 2nd language, unless we return to the U.S.!   
So, don't shoot the messenger, I'm just on here to help and inform! So, you all have been informed! You all can take it or leave it! I see that some members on here are bothered by it! As some of you put it, "Whatever floats your boat"! My old saying is, "Different strokes for different folks"! And yes, nuff said about this topic!  ::)     

Gray Wolf:
Okay Art, we are now all properly informed.  I'll now lock this thread before anyone else decides to go off on a tangential rant   :)


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