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How to use the currency words piso or peso(s) correctly!

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We use the word piso in Tagalog/Filipino language and never add s at the end whether its plural like isandaang piso(one hundred pesos) for it will never sound right?! While in english it's really appropriate to use s for the word peso when your talking about the plural term like one hundred pesos.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Really not a big deal, but Gray Wolf says otherwise! He says (no pun intended) "it's Piso(s)", because the letters PISO is printed on all of Philippine currency and he's correct there to a point, but used in a written sentence, whether in Tagalog or English or the way it's spoken IMO is a different issue!
What suzuki mentioned makes sense, "it's pretty simple if you are just considering Filipino and English; peso is the English word and piso is the Filipino word".
The Philippines had been under Spanish colonial rule for 300 years and I would just assume that the Philippine government changed it in just a few years time after their independence from the Spaniards to fit their language/dialect only for that purpose and of their Filipino pride being suppressed for so long and then came along the English language where now the letters "PISO(s) do not look right written in the English language! WTH! Then came along this 'Pekeng Pinoy", me or I, that learned the Tagalog language phonetically from how and what everything should sound like in Tagalog or in English! I guess learning English and Spanish in high school and speaking Tagalog in the home had a big influence on me, but I will stick with my OP, because that was the way I learned it as a kid and now speak it today, but I don't sound like Mikey Bustos with the English Filipino accent!  ??? :o 


Piso/Peso have both been utilized on Philippine currency, also Centavos has been utilized which is plural of Centavo.  Piso is identified as a misspelling on this site.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
On the webpage provided, it is described as "this-is-1000-peso-in-the -philippines", which should be for correct grammar that is written;

"1,000 pesos used in the Philippines"
"the 1,000 peso bill of the Philippines"

"The word PISO" is the Filipino version and not that of an incorrect spelling!

 Art the word Piso is underlined in red on this site on my computer which indicates it is misspelled by the spell checker program.  Spell checker has a hard time with foreign words such as Cavite, Dasmarinas, Trece Martires, etc.  That is why I click ignore. I do not consider it misspelled, just indicating what spell checker is showing.



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