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Please help me register credit card in PH


Hello everyone!
I have a spotify account registered in PH and I am unable to pay for premium membership since I am not living there at the moment.
When I try to pay, it suggests me several ways:

* Credit Cart
* Cash via certain terminals
* Phone
Right now I am trying to find out how to pay for it via one of the options above.
So far couldn't find any way to register virtual CC issues in PH.

Looking for any help (can be also a reward for it  :) )

I believe that the payment needs to originate in the PHL in order to have a PHL Spotify account.  So you need a PHL credit card or someone to make the payments in the PHL.

Otherwise, everyone would try to do what you are trying to do.  The Spotify service is the same but the cost in different countries is different.  For example, Spotify premium service in the PHL is the equivalent of about 4 USD per month.  In the U.S. the cost is 10 USD per month.

suzukig is correct.  There are ways around it but it's probably not worth the risk/effort.   A simple solution though could be as easy as getting a VPN on your browser and it might fix the problem, but that's a BIG if. 

I have a premium spotify account and use a USA issued credit card to pay for it.  My address is a Philippines address.
My advice would be to contact spotify directly and ask them how you can correct this problem.  It is in their best interest to do so :)


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