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Cost of Living in the Philippines 2020


Hi Everyone,

I'm conducting a survey for the cost of living here in Philippines for this year 2020. These to be added on the website for the Cost Of Living 2020 section.

You can send your cost of living through my email address

Thank you.

See the format below:

Cost Of Living in Bacolod City (2015)

PLACE: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

KIND OF RESIDENCE: 2 bedroom Bungalow in a gated subdivision. My wife, our son and I live in the house.

RENT:   Zero in rent or payment. We paid 1.3 million PHP cash for the house and a 200 sqm lot.

ELECTRIC:  3,200 PHP, Split type air con, 2 fans and all the electronic gadgets to make life fun.

GAS Costs:   440 PHP per month. The LPG tank costs 880 PHP and will last 2 months.

WATER:  Bottled water 300 PHP


GROCERIES:  17,000 PHP. We grow our own rice on a 3.6 hectare rice farm.

CAR EXPENSES:  2,000 PHP  diesel

CABLE:  Cignal Satellite 780 PHP


Total:  31,680k PHP per month


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