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Is there anybody out there?

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Rick B:
Hi my name is rick bowden i leave uk for davao in 1 weeks time. We have our place in Bangkal and i have been there many times but this time we are going there to live. Anybody in this blog live in Davao? and are there any get together meetings there in davao, i have looked at this blog and in the past Bob Martin\'s blog who writes an interesting magazine blog.

I was just wondering how many people from this blog were in Davao? all the very best

Hi. I\'ve been living in Davao for almost five years now, and I love the place. There\'s a group here called the Union of Foreigners that has regular meetings and social events, though I\'ve never joined. There\'s not a large expat community here, but everyone does seem to know everyone else and the community is large enough that it\'s pretty easy to find people with whom you are compatible.

If you want to send me an email, I would be happy to give you my phone number and to introduce you to a few Davao expats once you arrive.

Rick B:

Thank you for the reply, i will e mail you and thank you for the invitation to phone you it will be very helpful. I don\'t want to particularly get into an ex pat only huddle but it will help me make a transition, which although i am looking forward to i know it will be a hurdle to cross

thanks again Michael and anybody else please post a reply

Thats really great Rick. I too am moving there sometime in April. I am looking forward to playing lots of golf and do some fishing and diving if I can find a group to go out with. Like yourself I don\'t know anyone there either. I like the idea to having ex-pat friends as I find there are many cultural differences with Filipinos so a mixture of the two is ideal and the best of both worlds for me

See you around then and perhaps see you as well Michael

Rick B:

Again thanks for the reply.....please contact me by e mail on my profile and i would be happy to meet up with you in april, i will have been there for a few months by then. I also plan to play golf, although i\'m only a beginner, more a squash and tennis man myself, but golf is good for outdoors and i played there once a few years ago and think i will take it up.

See you in april, best regards



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