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Courtesy of Julie, who\'s a native of that area, here is a link to a forum that is all things Bukidnon, if anyone needs to know:

Thanks BenK, I\'ll check this out in greater detail when I get settled in Damilag, Bukidnon over the next couple months.


If you find yourself around Valencia at some point, that\'s the old sod as far as my wife is concerned. Personally, I enjoy it down there. A little too remote to make my business easy, but that may change someday. The climate certainly is a lot more agreeable than this steambath in Manila.

Hey People,

Finally got a minute to check in and say \"We made it\". Still waiting for our container to clear and be delivered to Damilag but we got a great house (4 bdroom, P8,000/mo). All is well and it\'s great being here !! Yahooo!

Love it, Steve

good for you ..even a 1000.0 dollars Americanworiks their ;D billy2002


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