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Coron Palawan Adventures!!!

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     I just had a wonderful vacation spent in Coron Palawan,,one of the many islands in the Philippines. Taking this trip was new for me because I had never booked a flight and hotel reservations ever. I work in the hospital and I guess I just had to unwind from the hectic schedule and work that I had. So, as a birthday gift to me,,from me  :D  , I went on an adventurous vacation with my cousin in Coron Palawan. I never regretted it a bit because I think besides the other wonderful places in the Philippines, filipinos and other foreigners who come to my country should come and visit this great place>> Coron!
     I will share some of the photos I took with my not so high tech camera,which did it's job, taking memorable photos of me and my cousin!

Am planning a two week trip in April to PP. Will see where we end up after our arrival. Hoping to meet up with one of our forum friends who resides there.

Beautiful looking place. I would love to go there myself...

Gray Wolf:
Gorgeous area!  Thanks for sharing the photos!   :)

Beautiful pics!  So many lovely places here in Phils.



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