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If “diversity is the spice of life,” then this Forum qualifies as very spicy.

Forum members hail from countries around the globe... from Australia to Venezuela, from USA to UK, and everywhere in between, thankfully including the Philippines.  Many are expats who have moved to the RP, many are actively making plans for the move, and some are just dreaming and hoping for the time to be right to make the move.

Two things we all have in common is an interest in the Philippines - - and the necessity of getting by in life day-by-day, whether in the RP or in some other far flung corner of the world.

The topic of this Thread is what we are doing in the “getting by day-by-day” part of our lives.

The reason for this Thread - just the off chance that a little insight into the “daily lives” of other members... how they actually spend their time (rather than their philosophies on life or long-range plans)... might prove to be interesting, as well as bolster a little comraderie among some members.

Posts by members who are in the Philippines for any reason -- living there, visiting, vacationing, etc., should be very interesting to everyone on the Forum.  So, please post something here every once in a while if you\'re in the Philippines.

Thanks to “Jonnyivy” for the general suggestion ... and “Gray Wolf” for tacit approval – of this Thread:

A couple of suggestions on posts to this Thread:

1) If you average less than ONE post a week on this Forum, other members probably know so little about you that they will have little interest in how you currently spend your days (so start posting more, then post on this thread...Please :)).

2) If you do post on this Thread, your activities will likely include your work, hobbies, etc. Please... Please... do not violate Forum rules.  DO NOT post your business URL, ads, other site addresses, requests for donations, etc., etc.,  >:(     

3) On your first post --
   – give your current geographic location;
   – give a thumbnail background sketch (few lines) that will help put your current activities in context;

4) Don’t worry about questions or in-depth information... just give some details, facts and such explanation as you feel necessary for clarity about what you did today – Like the name says, just what you’re doing Day-by-Day.  I suspect that if anything gets posted on this Thread, it will spark plenty of questions and comments, both wanted and unwanted  ;D.

5) Have fun  :) :)

OK, this post is toooo long already, so I’ll take a stab at following my own suggestions in a new post.

Tom in Big D

I like to support this initiative and hope that I can keep in future my sense of humor within the boundaries of acceptable.

We live near Valencia in the province Negros Oriental and about 20 minutes from Dumaguete City.
On the same as day my retirement in the Netherlands started, on March1, 2009, I took my laptop, passport, a set of clean underwear, my pensionpapers and moved to the Philippines with the idea to make a start on the second best part of my life and to meet my internet love in real. And I can assure you now a dream became true. Okay the start was not as expected because we started our life on the third floor of an apartmentbuilding in Lapu Lapu City, Babag1, with a Karaoke parlor nextdoor and a breedingfarm for cockfightingroosters on the back of the apartmentbuilding. I don\'t think this need any further explanation ::) :\'(.
After visiting family on the island Dumaguete we found in the province Negros Oriental our Mecca. Far away from noise, airpollution in the middle of nowhere. We were be able to rent a bungalow type house from an attorney at law on about 1000 sq. mtr. for only 4500 php monthly on a yearly contract base. Since May 23 we moved overhere and I love the moderate climate up here.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Tom - age 57 - Dallas, Texas, USA

BACKGROUND -- I was born and raised in Texas, USA; graduated Baylor University School of Law in 1975; and spent the last 34 years practicing medico/legal trial law throughout Texas and the surrounding states.  I closed my active trial practice about a year ago, but continue to review, develop and joint venture medical cases with other firms.       

My wife of 8 years, Bing, age 35 to 39 (depending on who she is talking to) is from Cebu and recently obtained her US citizenship.  We plan to obtain her dual citizenship, my 13a visa, then move near Cebu City area, where she has family.  I would rather move sooner than later, but would like to first sell the house.

July 27, 2009 - Up about 8a to feed our two Maltese (Ted & Inu, both boys age 9) and two Italian Greyhounds (Cherie and Italia, both girls age 2).  Inu is diabetic, requires a special diet, and gets his first insulin shot of the day at 8a.  Took the girls out and let them run for about 30 minutes.  Unless they go out to run a couple of hours a day they will bounce all over the house like ping-pong balls.

Spent the rest of the morning reviewing new requests for representation, advising most that their claims could not be successfully pursued, arranging to get medical records on one, and referring another to a defective medical device specialist.  I usually spend 2 to 4 hours a day on law related business, most can be done from home office online, email, text, phone and fax - much more fun than the 10-12 hour days of the last 30+ years.

Bing and I went out for lunch - she wanted Chinese Buffet, I wanted Tex-Mex - so we had Chinese.  Some days I want Italian, or barbeque, or hamburger... so we have Chinese.  If not, the rest of the day is not fun.  Back home about 2p, took the boys out for about a 30 minute walk, put them back in the house and let the girls out for a run.  I can’t keep my eyes on all four of them at once, because the girls range out 3 to 400 yards like lightning.  They are really fun to watch.

Spent the rest of the afternoon running errands - picking up dry cleaning, getting auto registration, picking up mail, getting car washed - and home around 5p.

Spent the early evening getting my daily dose of news, mostly politics.  I record large chunks of CNN and MSNBC so I can skip the bs and ads and boil it down to a couple of hours.  I love to follow the “sex, lies and money-trail” that makes up 90% of US politics... the other 10% is squabbling and finger pointing. 

Bing fixed meatloaf and mashed potatoes for me (steamed rice and shrimp for herself) which we ate during the last part of the news.  She usually fixes separate food for me, as I can only eat rice and fish about once a week, and she eats it almost every meal... really.   
Finished eating and turned off the news about 8p, fed the boys and girls their evening meal, gave Inu his shot, and took the girls out for their last run of the day while Bing took the boys for their evening walk. Back in the house about 9p and checked the LITP Forum... decided to start the new Topic - Day-by-Day - and posted it a couple of hours ago.

About 10p went upstairs to shoot pool for a while.  I love pool, mainly 9-ball, and try to get in at least an hour a day to keep my game up so I don’t get beat flat when I go out to shoot. Back down about 11:30 and decided to try my hand at this “blog” type post.

Now that I’m finished, I see that “run my mouth” too much.  If I keep posting, I’ll have to get that under control.

Well, it’s a little after midnight, so will go to bed and read a while... almost through with “Pillars of the Earth.”  Really enjoyable read, as well as being informative... but 900+ pages is a little much.

If anyone made it to the end of this post - Thanks for hanging in there.  Hope to see some post from others soon.

Tom in Big D       

You\'ll find my intro in Meet Your Neighbours.....
--- Quote from: c_a_p_t_a_i_n_r_o_n on February 21, 2008, 09:22:37 PM ---
--- End quote ---

Updates to that......
I moved to the Philippines 2nd May 2008, still living in rented 3 storey townhouse (P9,000) in Tagbilaran, BOHOL.
Extended family in our home are 2 nieces and a 2nd cousin once removed
The two older girls are studying nursing  at Holy Name University and pharmacy at University of Bohol
The youngest (10 year old) is living with us due to a medical condition because her parents don\'t have the wherewithall to provide for her medical needs and their location makes any any but basic medical care difficult to impossible.

Glo & I were married in Makati Feb 9th 2009, still waiting for marriage certificate, 1st two had soooooooo any errors
Honeymooned at Mandarin Oriental in Makati....gorgous place .... Glo absolutely loved it......

Contrary to my previous plan of not buying/building for 1st year or so, we bought 8800sqm lot on Panglao Island, primarily as investment at bargain basement  price.
We plan on subdividing keeping approx 1500 sqm for our home and selling off the other 7300sqm in 5 seperate lots of just under 1500sqm
Prices of neighbouring undeveloped lots are asking for 3X what we paid so investment wise things look pretty good
It\'s not beach side but beaches 2km west, 4km south and 6km east are within easy reach
So far we\'ve cleared the lot, layed down 500 metres of anapog road and prepared foundation for our house

Also bought small ricefield, coconut farm and planted jatropha at rock bottom prices.
More smallholdings purchases planned in the next few years
My avowed travelling around the Philippines before buying has been a little curtailed but so far we\'ve been to (in no particular order)
Cebu City, Mactan Island, Bantayan Island, Boracay, Manila, Makati, Tagatay, CDO, Butuan, Gingoog City
Still want to get to N. Palawan, Siargo Island, Guimaras, IloIlo and Concepcion within the next year

I\'ve shown Glo a little of life outside Philippines, Hong Kong last year.....Singapore and maybe Malaysia later this year
Should have visa sorted for next summer in Europe

Still planning on building a boat to stay connected to the water.....

Currently back in UK to see about topping up funds.....
Job market looks like it\'s starting to rebound....in my line of work anyway

I miss my palangga dearly......\"but a man\'s gotta do what a man\'s gotta do\"

--- Quote from: Gray Wolf on July 29, 2009, 08:59:09 AM ---Sea urchins work great, too.  Cut \'em open and spread the innards around.  And you offer the additional benefit of helping keep the coral reef alive as sea urchins eat coral.   ;)   8)
--- End quote ---

One of the most pleasant afternoons I\'ve EVER spent was when Glo and I (on scooter) went out on this little spit of land and stopped for lunch (some fruit we took with us)
There was this little tiki hut with about half a dozen young girls about 6-16 years old, waiting for the tide to go out so they could collect sea urchins.
After a little shyness they started chatting with us a little English, a little Bisaya
We shared the fruit we had with them and chatted for about an hour until they decided the tide was sufficiently out to start gathering
They told us they already had ready buyers for the sea urchins (Japanese & Koreans lving in their town)
Almost totally surrounded by water there was always a pleasant breeze and we had as many questions for them as they had for us
As they walked out onto the coral we started to get ready to leave, one of the smaller girls came rushing back to the shore and gave us 4 sea urchins
Really touching gesture

I love the Philippines for moments like this

was  trying to be the first to reply, but while fighting with western union, Boomerang beat me to the punch, and if I had to be beat what better man than him, my god read and understand his first entry, honesty from the heart, a mix of humor with a touch of sarcasm,who needs the nightly news.This man is real, and proves even though he doesn\'t need to his love for his family and this country...I hope someday before \"Uncle jOE\" SAYS  , its time to give up Murf .


Big D i don\'t think you talk to much, in fact not enough, for I LOVE YOU INSIGHT ON THINGS., of course give me some time to get used to you, for now knowing your a lawyer, and my high regard for your profession....it\'s OK :o I will refrain from all lawyer jokes, but i  really didn\'t know you guys had normal everyday lives...wow I am so impressed I might just pay last months retainer fee in the USA for a guy who does absolutely nothing for me, for i don\'t do anything wrong, but dad said , \"son you need two things, money in the bank and a lawyer on retainer, but you can\'t have one without the other\"///

I have a very interesting malpractice case you might like, merit it has , for i was told by those who it is against to file it, but I just need some judicial prudence and guidance and reassurance that lady liberty is  still blindfolded. ;D

so here is my novelette for today, god once I get going hard to stop me, I really think it is this new O2 and the Vodka working overtime....


Big “D”little a , double L-A- S.
Ok since you’re grand enough to start us I will be (boy this will shock some of you into a giant belly laugh) I will bravely go where neither man nor woman has ventured before into this new blogosphere.

For  those who don’t know me I  am rather shy and don’t like talking about me so this is both difficult and scary for me ? shucks I can’t tell you all that lie, I rather talk about me than any person I know.

My name is Eugene Larry Murphy, but please don’t let that out, just call me “Murf” for going into a Irish Pub with Lawrence a regular and friend of mine on here and having someone say, hey by “Eugene” a drink just doesn’t work in the bars that I frequent.

I live in the now finally city of Bayugan on the Island of Mindanao  about 40 minutes by car or van to Butuan the big city near me, then of course south of me so that makes Butuan north of me guys, now follow along  ???there is Davao the bigger city 6 hours by car to the south of us.

I live in what I pleasantly refer to as the “rumble in the jungle” for it is indeed off the beaten path and in the middle of the “jungle”. We are in the process of building our new home behind my Nanays (mothers) which makes us even more remote.

I love raising orchids which you can see on here and also marine saltwater fish which I haven’t started yet for the new house is not done.

This morning I dealt with the corruption and frustration of RP corruption in area of receiving 5,000 USA dollars from home from my money sent to me by my father who insists on using Western Union, (don’t ask me why).

The first place my wife went they wanted to give her 47.1 per dollar the Pesos was currently at that time trading at 48.4 on forex live.I asked to talk with the manager who refused to talk to me. The next place did not have 5000 dollars in pesos to give us, the next place and my poor wife is tired and frustrated gave her 46.3.

Thus at 48.4 we should have got 242,400 P. if they took their cut of one pesos per dollar we still should have got 237,000 P

But instead we got taken for a conversion rate of 46.7 or 233.5000P which equals at the current rate of 48.11=240,440P
The other odd, I call it corrupt, but then again, that’s the Irish in me, is this Western Union charged me 350 P for a documentary stamp, and I have cashed in as high as 20,000 dollars before without paying any documentary stamp.

When I called the owner of the western union I was politely told , she was just an agent and had the flexibility to charge within 2% of the current currency rate, so I asked all are Western Unions like this, she says no, but I am not a Western Union only an agent of such and if there is any dispute about the transaction it can’t be done in the RP for we do not have a contract with the USA.

 Case closed , lesson learned sure, try to convince my father to send me my own money through my bank wire to wire transfer to my Allied Bank here, write it off as suppose that was a much poorer  Filipino that was happening too…much better me who doesn’t wish to but can absorb the loss.

I have my accountant always overestimate all my monthly bills by 10% simply for an emergency cushion and it seems to work fine so far. Some days I win, some days I LOSE, but I never lose sight of the prize  ;D the happiness of my wife, my mother, my extended family and myself.

Hey I could have been a 30 year employee of GM in Detroit with two. 5 kids now looking for a job, life is good and fair here in the RP, you just have to roll with the punches.

So the next obvious questions are when and where do the conversion rates take effect. Yesterday at 10:15 am EST USA the pesos was 48.12, my father sent me my 5000.00 USA dollars, is that the rate I should have been paid at? Hmmm don’t know? Can’t get an answer? How can 3 western unions all within the same city limits pay 3 different exchange rates?  Don’t know can’t get an answer, but would like some of you smarter folks tell me just what blackbird is cooked in this pie?

So that was my morning, now I shall share this with you along with some new bloomed and still blooming orchids and wish you all the greatest day that can possibly come your way.

Don’t think that the money issue worries me, it doesn’t that’s just life here in the big RP. You either have it or you don’t, but as long as you have family, it really doesn’t amount to hill of NPA rice.

My plans for the rest of the day………hmmmm I have already asked for a bucket of ice to be delivered to my room, the cubby hole I live in, but it has all the comforts of home A/C, fan, 32 inch TV, DVD, stereo, a library of over 300 American movies, I think I just sit here and watch Jody Foster in the Brave one for the 38th time, hey when you got it?! You just got it? and she has it…

The new Philippine Flag flying over the city as you enter Butuan

This last two shots are of a fresh river pond that is at the Inland Resort in Butan, where they will supply you with a fishing pole and bait and you can catch you own river fish(whatever that may mean) or catfish or mud fish and they will cook it for your supper.....hmmmm love fishing but rainbow trout from the mountains of Maine are more to my liking fried with some wild sage, onions a little bacon....OMG I think I am dead and gone to heaven..



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