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Someone said they got scammed in the Philippines on a post here, but the person didn't say how he got scammed.

I started this post so we all can share our experiences with scams in the Philippines to help others not to fall for the scams.

A friend of mine, she's a Filipina who's been living in the states for about 5 years. She went back to Manila last year to sell her apartment complex. A Korean couple who made her an offer for the property and she accepted, the couple came back a few days later with a note from the bank saying the loan has been approved but she needs to wait for another week, they chat for a while and the Korean couple told her about their business in the Philippines and told her she could make big money too, after talking for a while they convinced her to come up with 1.5M peso cash to start the business, they told her they will come back with the product next day. They came back the next day and unloaded 10 heavy boxes, my friend gave them the money and they left, my friend and her family opened the boxes and found the boxes were filled with small rocks and sand. She lost 1.5M pesos.

We all said how dump she was falling for the scam like that, but the couple was believable because you don't think a Korean couple would scam Pinoy and they have the bank note to show the loan was approved. It's easy for us to say she's dumb after the fact, and saying : I wouldn't have fallen for that. 

Please share your story here to help our members not to fall for it.

Thank you


Thank you for posting this Chi.
The only thing I will say is that there are many scams in the Philippines that are being perpetrated by locals and foreigners alike, my way to avoid them is, if it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is, I would rather miss out on a deal than lose hard earned money..


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