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Seeds, is it legal to bring in seeds?

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A friend asked me to bring over some seeds on our next trip or to send them over with a friend, so just wondering, are there any restrictions on bringing in seeds to the Philippines? and would they grow, anyone tried seeds from your country and if so how did they do?

I believe the customs forms that are handed in as we arrive in Manila do say no agricultural items or seeds. (Not 100% sure) We have never had any seeds taken from us in Manila however. Seeds have been taken from my asawa's carry on in LA however (once in 2012). We have sent seeds via mail several times with no problems. Just about everything that we've sent has grown fine. Between my garden and my nephews we have squash, egg plant, Beef Eater tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. We also have several variety of flowers. I did try Mexican Avacados in 2009 without success.

Thank you FRaymie, the form is a bit confusing for my little brain, so I am still not 100% sure, I do not see seeds on the form but it does say byproducts and technically a seed might be considered a byproduct, also possibly this might not be the latest form? I know the law changed on how much we can carry in pesos, it is now p50,000 instead of p10,000, I posted about that HERE so there will likely be a new form out someday if not already on that.

Below is where I got the form I posted below.

That's the form we had earlier this year. As we all know these type of things change almost daily depending on which clerk/agent or inspector you run into. As I said, entering Manila no one has even looked at our luggage or carryon. However, we have had our things looked over while departing the US. I'm always careful about the currency, but have never been challenged on that to show what we had.


You're quite correct. "Seeds" are referenced in various Environmental Laws, as being part of a "Plant Material", so should be declared.

< http://www.chanrobles.com/legal9.htm#.WvZwJUO5u02 > has a number of RA's that you may trawl through at your convenience.  :D

Especially of importance is if the seeds are of genetically altered stock. Then these MUST have a permit to be imported and only by certified traders.

There are companies in the US, which appear on online searches, which will send seeds to the Philippines. This may take any customs hassle out of your trip.



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