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I\'m ready to get the paperwork rolling on a Phils corporation. I\'ve got a Filipino National partner, but we\'re both here in Canada. I\'m looking for any suggestions on contacts in the Phils to do the paperwork to incorporate the company. A lawyer would fit the bill. Can anyone recommend one?

Thanks, Trevor

Raises a good there a Small Business Owners or Better Business Bureau where starting a small business advice is given?

You have to start at the DTI, thay have a web site, and although its easy to get lost there, most of it is explained. You pick a name for the company, what its going to do, where it will be located, who owns it and pay your fee.


Hi Ya Wayne,

Think it can all be done online?

I was also thinking I would document this topic in case anybody else requires info on the procedure.



Only some of it can be done online, you still need to be incountry and go down to the local DTI office, finding one can be difficult, as you have to go to the correct one for your area, the one in Makati covers Metro Manila but if you are in say Rizal, one province over from Metro, it can be damned hard to find the office, I speak from experience.

You will need your Philippine ID\'s, your Barangay Cleareance, Probably a Postal ID, maybe a passport, 2 of 2x2 Photos, some money, and then some more money if the name you want is not allowed, but it can be bought for the right exchange. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, say no more.

So if you are out of the country, it will be difficult to open a business in country, lawyers cannot help in this respect as it is the business owner who has to do the work, unless the attorney is an employee of the business. Its not like the US, where I can setup a US business without setting foot in the country.



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