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I am leaning strongly towards Thailand more specific Chiang Mai as my destination when I have to do my departure thing in a few months. Will only be spending a few days, has anyone from the group been there. Of course I would like to keep the cost in the minimum to moderate range preferably on the lower end. Any personal favorite places, hotels etc. Would like to hear from you and your experiences. This will be my first time to that area of Thailand. Been to Bangkok a couple times when I was young, dumb, full of ---. Never was disappointed by the excitement and entertainment. Now I'm older, wiser and attached at the hip (can be debated) just looking for a place to chill for a couple days.
Thanks Dan

Dan, If you don't mind me asking, where else have you tried, I have to do the same around Sept...just looking for somewhere cheap, easy..Thanks Lee

Lee, This will be my first departure since I permanently moved here. Prior to that I was flying back and forth to the states. Now that the pension has kicked in those frequent jaunts are over.


Went there early Jun 2013.  Stayed Soi 10 Sukhumvit hotel now called Galleria 10 was a Ramada Encore last year.  Thought the location was great and great for the price.


Big Jim:
How many months have you been in the Philippines?


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