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Have you lived in other Asian countries?


I am curious about the living conditions in other Asian countries.

If anyone has experience with Visa requirements, housing, exchange rates, safety concerns, transportation, etc....for other Asian countries, I would appreciate your input.

For Visa Malaysia is the easiest. You just go over the border every three months (thailand or singapore) and come straight back - no charge. The exchange rate is more favourable than this time last year. Security is no problem as the police have a healthy respect for expats. Beer is expensive (250PHP +)
Thailand is a big no no. Expats who have lived there for many years are leaving in their droves. The place is just not expat friendly any more. Police are generally hostile and brazenly corrupt. 
Vietnam is interesting - communication is a problem. I loved the food and especially what is probably the best coffee in the world. Very cheap living. Interesting one - a couple cannot be together in a hotel unless married!
Myanmar -  you have to bring enough cash for the duration as ATMs are only being installed this year. Accommodation is very scarce and consequently very expensive.
Sri Lanka - very cheap for clothes (tailor made). Great place for silk. Not much choice of food (Biryani being the staple food). Go there rather than India to experience that 'type' of culture. Big place for older gay western men picking up ladyboys on the beaches. (but the sandy beaches are beautiful).

Thanks. If you were on the island part of Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) would you just go to Brunei or Indonesia for a Visa run?

And my travel agent friend had a foreigner visit here who was living in Vietnam and his GF was Vietnamese. She asked me to greet them at the airport and we spent some time talking. He never mentioned about having to be married to stay in a hotel together. That is a very unusual requirement.

From my understanding if you are from SE Asian countries it is easy to travel and stay there, You just need a passport. People from other countries must follow the visa guidelines.  As was stated by the post prior. Indonesia is 30 days, Singapore is the same 30 Days.  I lived in Indonesia before for 1 year. For me I thought it was very safe and would go back anytime.Singapore is also one of the safest counties in SE Asia. But as a saying has been said. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, anything could happen, any where in the world.
For me I love SE Asia and would travel anywhere, but all must be street smart and travel accordingly.


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