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Hi guys!

Chamz here, ahm just wanna ask if you all Americans prefer to marry "filipina" just for business? pleasure? or because of the attitudes?

I'm looking forward to your opinions guys. Have a great day!

Gray Wolf:
Filipinas are beautiful, loving, loyal and sexy of course!  The lucky guys also find a great friend, partner, mutually nourishing lover and someone to share their life adventures. 

Filipinas are the most loving and beautiful of all God's creatures!  IMHO of course.

  ;) :) :)

John Edwards:
Most men like to think of themselves at home as kings in their castle. Filipinas are almost always very beautiful and I have seen very few that didnít have a smile on their face. Men who love their women like to treat them as queens and put them on a pedestal, giving them gifts and treating them as if they were very special, which they are. American women are much more demanding and expect the special treatment without giving much in return. Not so with the Filipina. Asian women in general, and especially Filipinas, make their men feel like kings.

You ask if all Americans prefer to marry Filipina just for business, pleasure or because of the attitudes.

In answer to your question, American men are attracted to Filipinas because of their attitudes and they marry Filipinas for pleasure, then they get down to business.

Gray Wolf:
Ditto!  Right On! and a big Amen!!   :D

One of my pet names for Gloria is "The Empress".   :D :D   
Many times when friends of hers call I'll answer the phone saying they've reached the residence of "The Empress of 167" (our street address)  She loves it!

Filipinas especially have a reputation for treating their men with Tender Loving Care (TLC)  If a man finds the right match with a Filipina he is assured of being treated like a King, an Emperor and master of his home. 

I've had so-called "friends" demean the thought of me marrying a Filipna by saying :"oh you just wanted a woman who would wash your socks for you" or :"you got one of those girls who'll work like a slave" you know a "mail order bride".  Nothing makes me more angry than narrow minded people like that.

I found a polished gem of a woman who is more than equal to me and the Empress in my life.

"I found a polished gem of a woman who is more than equal to me"

Love that phrase Gray Wolf, and so apposite and important.

IMHO anyone who thinks they can form a long term relationship with anyone who they do not consider their equal at the very least is fooling themself.

What I suspect (and I do not have a Pinay girlfriend or wife so am only surmising) Is that Phillipino women are really quite expert at balancing that innate wish for many men to at least be allowed to think they rule the roost, whilst at the same time making it quite clear they are at least equal if not better.

I also suspect that in the West women no longer even try to allow a man to think he might be in any way superior, such is the change in our culture over the past years.

Personally the few Pinays I have dated and got to know have been very beautiful, very sexy, extremely intelligent, and more than a match for little old me. Maybe one day soon I will fall in love with one of them, I do hope so.


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