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Darn  ;) Joke lang. I have personally heard of people coming to the Philippines and marrying a Filipina while they were still married back in their original countries. Based on the below story info on the BI website, a complaint by a Filipina started the ball rolling to get this couples visas revoked and rightfully so (if the info it true), so how much longer before computers talk to each other good enough to find that there are probably quite a few other expats who are still married in their home countries. Big brother is at work and getting bigger all the time, which means those who skirt the law might eventually get caught.

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) warned foreigners against practicing polygamy, or they will be expelled and banned from re-entering the Philippines.

BI Commissioner Ricardso David Jr. issued the warning after immigration officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) arrested a Chinese woman who was blackilisted by the BI for marrying a male comnpatriot who is previously married to a Filipina.

Ana Shi Wu, 28, was barred from boarding her China Southern Airlines flight to Xiamen, China and was instead brought to the BI jail in Bicutan, Taguig.

David said the woman will undergo deportation proceedings as she had been illegally staying in the country since the BI revoked her permanent resident visa last April 25.

ďLet this serve as a warning to other foreigners. You lose the privilege to stay in the country if you enter into bigamous marriage,Ē the BI chief said.

He explained that the Philippine immigration act does not only discourage polygamy, but also prohibits the entry of aliens who practice or advocates it.

It was learned that Wu and her Chinese husband Lin Hua Bin became permanent residents here after they applied for the BIís alien social integration program in 1996.

Their visas, however, were canceled after a complaint for undesirability was filed against the couple by Linís estranged Filipina wife whom he had married prior to living with his Chinese wife.

Investigation later revealed that Lin had entered into civil marriages with the two women, thus proving the charge that he committed bigamy.

ďThe fact that respondents were granted permanent resident visas does not mean that their visas could no longer be canceled for justifiable reasons,Ē the BI board of commissioners said its order canceling the coupleís visas.

Despite several notices, the couple allegedly failed to answer summons sent by the BI legal division so they could face their accuser and answer the complaints filed against them.

Rob from Mel:
What happens if you are of the Muslim faith .

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: Rob from Mel on July 13, 2013, 12:39:44 PM ---What happens if you are of the Muslim faith .

--- End quote ---

Oh, don't you know?  They're "special" and the rules don't apply to them.   :P   

Add to the "special people" politicians and those in the entertainment industry.   ;)

Many of the locals I know are becoming Muslims in name only just in case they are caught with there Mistress seems to be a loop hole in the law if you are Muslim will be interesting to see what happens if one of them gets caught

Tom/ Roxas City


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