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Mail Order Brides?

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I would of thought in this day and age this practice would be a thing of the past.

Apparently not;


Not knowing how bill and things really work questions becomes just because she put this bill up does that mean it automatically gets voted on?  Is it like the states where it goes to committee and back a few times?  Can it die in committee?
Is it me or does it seem to you guys that lately there are a lot of bills and stuff pointed at expats getting married here?...Lee

I think a lot of it is coming about because of more of the crud and scum of the earth being exposed more in recent years.

If this pass, it may cause more foreigners to slow down a little and not be so quick to rush into marriage here; If more is required of him, he may then require more knowledge of her or at least start him thinking in that area.... " snail mail order bride"

It is a good thing that they are trying to protect Filipina's from the many bad foreigners who do go to exploit some of them but it is bad because the harder they make it to do something, the less people will want to jump through the more and more hoops they make foreigners jump through, just to get things accomplished.

I believe that those who sit in the ivory towers in Manila, have no idea the hard life many ladies face without some of us good foreigners who often marry and give those ladies a better life and in doing so often also help out their families when needed. I do not think it is as much racism as I feel it is lack of knowledge of the reality of life in the rest of the Philippines and especially the poor areas all over the country.

While I am happy they wish to protect the ladies, I hope they can find ways to take the red tape out of doing so by doing criminal checks of those single men entering instead of making new laws.

Again this seems to be a knee jerk reaction to all the criminal foreigners who get caught living in the Philippines.


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