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Maybe there's still hope for me...part 2

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Hehe, I do hope I don't get into trouble for highjacking Mr. York's original subject/title. Lucky bugga him, he got lots of very sound piece of advice from the pros! Looks like his chances of finding love with a young, beautiful Filipina shot up to 150%!

Hehe again, what about me? May I ask the esteemed members of this forum for advice to this OLD young at heart WESTERNIZED Filipina. Considering my age, just turned 57,and being Americanized,I am aware of the odds of finding one nice foreigner here in PH ....almost nil. In addition, It's mind boggling to learn that being educated is also a flaw! Anyway, I am not losing sleep over it. Life goes on and I intend to make the best of life with or without a partner.  It's a hard one to call but any comments would be very much welcomed or appreciated.

What about a nice young Filipino?

My first wife was my age.  A beautiful pinay.  Cancer took her from me.  So I married again.  This time I married a pinay 10 years my senior, and looked younger than just about every woman I dated since I was in college.  That one didn't work out for other reasons, but now I am with a Pinay my age again and happier than ever.

I stated the above because the little pic I can see of you shows that like most pinay, you don't age as fast as most of the white women I've known.  My mom was a cosmetologist and my sisters were taught well and have done good at hiding their age.  All of them were jealous of my first wife, and pretty damn envious of my 2nd. 

If you were in the midwest, it would be very easy for you to find a cano.  But you are now here.  BUT, there is luck, you are in a region that is seen to be one of the "coolest"(temp, not neat) regions of the Phils where a lot of foreign men go because of that reason.

As far as your chances, due to where you have chosen to live and how good you've taken care of yourself, you are probably in one of the best shapes you could be in as far as your chances in the when it comes to living in the Phils. 

Some could argue areas near Manila might also have a lot of foreign men.  That may be true.  But I think a larger percentage of them may not see living year round in the Phils as a desire.  That's why I "won" Tina.  Other good men talked to her also, but they all wanted to take her away from the Phils to their own country and I wanted to stay here year round.

Best of luck to you.  I hope you find your man.


--- Quote from: Killjoygreg on May 21, 2014, 03:22:13 PM ---What about a nice young Filipino?

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You certainly picked the right username Greg. Anyway Thanks for the comment. No I am not interested and will never be.

Thanks JoeLP for the kind comment. I rest my case.


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