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I have noticed a recurring theme here,,,it seams to me that what makes a difference wheather a man can move here and be happy,,,adjust to the new culture,,climate and so forth,,depends on the one thing most of us are looking for...a good and loving wife or girlfriend...I believe that they will make the transition much easier all around,,,I would love to hear any one's thoughts on this,,,

Well my friend, a row boat ride is so much better when you have a paddle; i agree 100% a good companion is way over half of the transition....just my opinion.... ;D

While there are many beautiful women in the Philippines, and having many of them flirt with me is great for my ego, if it were not for my wife, then I would not wish to travel half way around the world to live there.

Being in a foreign country with very different customs and a number of different languages, can at times make a person feel like a duck out of water. Most men can make it on their own if they are up for a good adventure but IMHO there is nothing like having a good woman to help smooth out the bumps.

Nice analogy, shortman. I would add make sure she does not have so much baggage as to be an anchor at the same time.
I know you've heard before, but it's worth repeating. You're not marrying just the woman, but her entire family. You will always be viewed as wealthy whether you are or not. Nine times out of ten, your wife/girlfriend will always want to help her family, and if you don't get the details regarding of what you are willing to do from the very beginning, and her to agree, your going to have a problem.

My wife and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary last month. Not going to say there have not been a few bumps in that road, but I would not trade her for anything. Understanding the family dynamic is critical here, no one is gong to spell it out for you- not even your girl. You will be expected to figure it out for yourself most of the time, so always with a smile, ask her directly, what is expected of you and what she wants to do, and then come to a compromise based on what is best for the two of you first, and her family second.

Trying to go it alone here is not impossible, but having either a good woman, or people who have already walked down that path will be a huge benefit. This group can really be a life-saver- literally.

Not sure, I answered the question, but my two centavos.


My answer is no and yes.

I was planning on moving to a foreign country eventually but closer to where I'm from; the U.S.

I moved to the Phl for work and stayed here because I married a Filipina.

Originally, I was planning on living in Mexico.  I lived there 6 months out of the year for work (2 weeks at a time in Mexico, 2 weeks back in the U.S. and so on).  I could speak enough Spanish to be able to live in a neighborhood with no English speaking people.  I think it is easy to get used to living in a foreign country as long as you can speak the local language.  I came to the Phl because we ended up shutting down the factory in Mexico and transferred everything to the Phl.  I was sent to the Phl for 2 years as part of the group to complete the transfer.

So yes I moved permanently to the Phl because of a woman.  However, if I didn't get married in the Phl I would have moved to Mexico because it is closer to the U.S.


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