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Remembering Patrick McGrain


It's getting on for ten years since Patrick passed. I think the anniversary is July next year.  That time has gone oh so quickly. I cannot believe it.

After working hard for many years in USA Patrick found love online with Judith who is from Camotes Island. Patrick travelled to Phils to meet with Judith and they fell in love. Patrick returned to USA, realized he wanted to be with Judith in Philippines and returned to Phils as quickly as possible!

After several happy years with Judith, Patrick sadly succumbed to lung cancer. It is a lesson to us all that life is fragile and short and we should grab life with both hands and live it to the full.

Patrick wrote knowledgeably about life on his beloved Camotes island. He still has articles on EZine Articles:

And his old site is still partially preserved for posterity at Wayback Machine.

Patrick also built a small house on Camotes, basically from nothing.

In the last months of his life Patrick was working periodically as an English teacher in South Korea, and he also ran a small coffee shop I believe on Camotes.

I met Patrick online sometime in 2007. We both had an interest in webmastering and also South East Asia. I was running a Thailand-centric site at the time. We communicated mostly by (long) emails. Patrick was interesting and entertaining. His deep love of his wife Judith and the Philippines was etched into every word he wrote.

Thanks Patrick for touching our lives with your writing and sharing your love of the Philippines.

Here's to you Patrick. Gone but never forgotten!


Until your introduction, Tony, I knew nothing of Patrick McGrain.  But I followed the link and read some of his writing.  Worth reading.  Thank you.

Good that you have honored an old online friend.  His time in the Phils with his wife there was relatively short, but it seems that his last few years were good ones indeed.

I Googled him, seems he wrote lots of articles, sad that he died way before his time. :(

Thanks guys.,-Part-One&id=788139

Sums it up better than I can.

I did manage to exchange a couple of emails with a friend of Patrick's that was living on Camotes. That was how I found out about his passing although I knew he was ill.

It's is sad that his story was cut so tragically short.

Life is short - make the most of it is something we can all probably learn from this.

All the best,


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