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Gray Wolf:
It is with deepest sorrow I must report that our friend and fellow forum member Lost In Samoa passed away yesterday. Mark Cunningham was only 58 years old. I have not been able to contact his wife Estrella as of yet. I found out when I was scrolling thru Facebook and saw her post of his cremation urn sitting in repose in their living room. I have attached two pics that I pulled from their FB page.
Mark and I were very close friends and I will miss him dearly. As I find out more info I will pass it along to the group.
RIP Mark. Godspeed brother

Wow... I was just emailing back and forth with him less than 2 weeks ago  :(

Steve & Myrlita:
Wow, I'm so sorry to hear this. Only 58. You never know when your number is up. Jack, if you can find out how he died, it would be appreciated. Specifically, if he got the death jab. RIP Mark.


I have not had the chance to meet LIS or any other member on here yet personally. I thought he was a unique character and had plenty experiences and knowledge he wanted to share or force apon some of us at times :) We shared a few discussions.... and there were times I did not reply so as to not "Lose Face".  It was just a few months back we chatted and disagreed on some irrelevant topic....but I still told him hope to meet up one day when we make our move back to PI.

58 was too young my friend... :(


Very shocked to hear that! Condolences.


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