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A man in the bank today seemed quite upset after checking his account.

As we were talking he said that his SS payment is always deposited into his account by the 5th day of the month. I realize that the 5th fell on Saturday, but being that today is the 7th is this normal? He also happened to mention that he sent an email inquiry to the SS Office in the embassy over 8 days ago and they have not replied. He said they had always responded within 48 hrs before. Is there a problem with that office?

He does not have a computer so I told him I would text him if I got a reply to this question.

Thanks for helping this man.

Most employee's at the Embassy are very helpful. I was assigned one upon first signing up for SS in Manila, but due to back log or other problems I was changed to another representative. I applied in July 2013 and received my first direct deposit in August 2013. However, my daughters SS did not start until almost a year later, decision making time for the SS in the states. Then her direct deposit did not start (after submitting again to the bank and the embassy) until June of 2014. Therefore the checks were mailed to the Embassy, we went to Manila to pick them up and directly went to BPI there in Manila who would not except the checks for deposit to her account (stated we would have to go the main branch where we opened up the account (north 12 hours) lol,  Well, we did just that and the BPI main branch here said they had to have approval from the Embassy to accept the checks, After several trips and my emailing the Embassy the bank accepted the checks for deposit and then said 45 days for clearance. Stupid system. Still waiting and received a questionnaire from the SS on how her money is being spent. Darn! Really.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I was 61 and 9 months yrs of age when we were still in Northern California on vacation. I called the nearest SSA office for an appointment so I could apply for my Social Security pension. It was a pretty quick and painless interview! I started receiving my SSA pension at the designated date explained to me by the interviewer via direct deposit into my U.S. bank account and ever since then it has been like clockwork every month! All of my U.S. Government pensions are all direct deposits into my U.S. bank account in Northern California.
I just write out our blank USD joint personal checks into our RP local joint bank account for deposit, which takes exactly 25 days to clear and post into our account. Been doing it this way for the past 14 years without any issues and no service fees are involved for USD personal check deposits. We just maintain our USD deposits under $10,000 each calendar year to avoid having to declare to IRS anything over that amount!
BTW, most RP banks do not accept U.S. Government Treasury Checks for deposit!       

Think maybe the 4th of july holiday (i think long weekend) had anything to do with it? just wondering; Me, the 4th like clock work unless the 3rd falls on a holiday or weekend..

That is probably the reason Shortman.

I will text him your reply.

He has been receiving his SS deposits here at a local bank for over 3 years now and has not had any problems getting them by the 5th until today. So did you get yours on the fourth this month?

And I still would appreciate knowing if anyone has had email contact with the SS office in the embassy lately.

Thanks again for all the good help.


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