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I have a question.  Maybe its been answered and I missed it.   When I move there.   Do i have to report it to SSA?   I was just gonna use the one month delay in funds plan thru my bank  (Wells Fargo)  to a Phillipine bank.   I dont want to screw this up or be misinformed/ignorant etc.    :)  Why do they have to know im even in the PI if I use the plan I described.   

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
What plan did you describe? I can't find your post describing what your plans are with your Social Security pension. What kind of SS pension do you have? Is that your only source of income?
Did you read everything on here under the Social Security topic and or under Banking?

That is going to depend on if you are a US citizen or resident and what country. Many expats never tell SS that they moved as long as they have a US address and keep the money deposited into a US bank account. One problem comes about in today's world with Obamacare is the ability to prove you are living outside the country, so you do not have to pay the fine. If you are over 65, then you are entitled to Medicare but Medicare is not available to you if you live outside the US, thus many expats cancel it so they do not have to pay for it when living outside the country, there comes the catch 22, do the agencies speak to each other, we are on new ground when it comes to Obamacare.

You can check the pdf SS booklet for specific rules since there appears to be many of them.

I am not sure how this whole Obamacare thing is going to work, thus I do not wish to give you any incorrect information but wanted to point it out to you, so that you can cover that base with something such as PhilHealth and some type of residence in case the US asks you to prove health insurance.

Hopefully one of the others who live full time in the Philippines can give you a better answer.

You can not change your address on the SSA site to a foreign address.  This must be done at a SSA office or the Veterans Administration Regional Office in the Philippines or a US Embassy/Consulate in other countries or by phone to the USA number.


Tally J:
I was able to call the embassy in Manila and spoke with the SSA office about changing my address to the PI.  They emailed me a form to fill out and sign, then I was able to fax it back to them.  I asked for a confirmation of the address change and they let me know when it was done.


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