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Renewable Energy Resources

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Gray Wolf:
I found the original Renewable Energy Resources topic buried in the archives.† I\'ve made it a sticky so it will always be seen at or near the top of the list of topics in the board \"Building in the Philippines\"

I\'ve checked the links and they all work.† Feel free to add your own links, just make sure they work and that the links abide by our rules prohibiting self-promotion.†

Save any discussion about renewable energy for the proper topics, found elsewhere in this board.† This topic is reserved specifically for the sources of renewable energy systems.†

Gray Wolf:
Philippines harnessing small-scale wind power


Well now Gray, give you-self another chauk mark on that AT-A-BOY board.

Just watch out for those Ah-Shi*s though!!† ;D

Not so sure about wind generation here in the Philippines???

I guess it depends on location within or on an Islands in the Country?

My buddy is at the 1,500\' mark in the mountains of Bacong, Negros, next to a deep 1/4 mile Ī gorge and doesn\'t figure after a few years living there that wind power would be the way to go.

Gray Wolf:
Thanks B-Ray!† I\'ll take any Atta Boy I can get at this point.†  ;D

The property we choose for our house will depend on several things, not the least of which is the prevailing winds and proximity to a free running creek or river.† If we can find the right piece of land, I\'ll make use of all available resources to generate as much \"free\" power as I can.†

I\'m especially interested in the possibilities offered by using a bio-digester to convert \"natural\" sources of methane into useable cooking gas.† I\'ve seen several examples of this and it appears very workable.† All you need is a few animals to generate poo and you can collect the methane for use in your kitchen cooking.† I wouldn\'t completely rely on this, but let\'s face it, if I can generate any amount of power, electrical or otherwise, then that\'s just that much less I\'ll have to purchase.†

This is one of the main reasons I\'ll be looking at buying at least 1.5-2 hectares of land for our house.† I don\'t intend to raise pigs, ducks or any other animal right next to my bedroom window.†  I ain\'t that dumb!† ;D†

Ah yes....hydro, now that\'s the one that has interested me since a reader of Mother Earth News Pub for a decade back in the 70\'s. With a decade now in the bicycle business dealing with gear ratios and sealed bearing hubs, even more so today.

In fact, bicycle parts can be used in wind generation projects also.

Also something to think about is an underground air cooling system for a house.


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