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John McCain dead at 81

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--- Quote from: lost_in_samoa on August 28, 2018, 07:12:30 AM ---Out of Christian respect for the passed I did not comment yesterday.  That was yesterday. 

Wetstart Songbird was my selected senator for many years.  May he find some peace in his travels.

Investigating John McCain

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I did not see your post with the article on this at first.  Yeah, it is exactly some of the stuff I have come across and in numerous places.  And some of the documentation films on it looks like they have been doctored the way they have been cut up and spliced.  You can see where some of them are like puzzle pieces not quite fitting in to place. I know though it was pretty sorry for them to have gotten stuck with all those skinned bombs, in use from back during Korea, that cooked off earlier than the newer ones they should have had.  It wasn't long at all after the accident they were outlawed from carriers and had to have the thermal coating instead.


--- Quote from: BudM on August 29, 2018, 12:47:43 AM ---looks like they have been doctored the way they have been cut up and spliced.  You can see where some of them are like puzzle pieces not quite fitting in to place.
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I hear you.   I tend to believe witness accounts from the flight deck that indicate that someone performed a "wet start".  Which in turn led to a cook-off on another aircraft. 

I also am inclined to believe the testimony from other residents of that hotel.  I take the comparison of behaviors under identical circumstances, into account.

There is the Keating issue.  And the POW obstruction thing.  Literally a whole cornucopia of questionable things.  The latest being encouraging the IRS to audit certain folks "ruinously".

If you "Duck-duck" around just a little bit you'll see where this is kinda a family tradition.

But we will never really know what happened.

you guys kill me.   You dig up an article based on conjecture, hyperbole, and hearsay, to discredit somebody that has done more for the USA than any of you combined.   He was born with a silver spoon is his mouth and could have EASILY avoided combat in Vietnam, and yet he was there dropping bombs and being shot at.   I absolutely did not agree with all of his politics, and questioned many of his stances/positions, but I respected the fact that he did what he thought was best for the country regardless of political party.  Congress and the Senate, on both sides of the aisle need more like him.   Country before party, country before self. 


--- Quote from: jjcabgou on August 29, 2018, 10:10:22 AM ---done more for the USA than any of you combined
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Now who is conjecturing? 

You don't know me from Adam.  I could have bunch of time in down range,  and chest full of fruit salad to put a restaurant to shame.

You might want to research the good senator a little more.  Not what he said but the effect of what he did.  Over the course of his entire career.

Or not.  Your call.

McCain's father and Grandfather were 4-star Admirals.  He graduated USNA in June 1958 so how can you surmise he could have avoided combat duty.  That would have been a red flag raised as to his preferential treatment.  He graduated 5th from the bottom in his class and supposedly tried to break every rule/regulation at the Academy.  Took out power lines in Spain by his own admission due to clowning around. Lost an aircraft per him due to engine fail but the investigation said engine was running at time of crash. A lot of things in his military career seem to not affect his career but  would possibly impacted somebody else without his family background.   While I did get a divorce it was not because my wife had an accident and got disabled and fat.  While he is hailed as the backer of the military in the Senate he did not always do so.  Look at him and Kerry on the POW/MIA issue, his actions to keep his military record sealed especially his POW time.  To me to many unanswered questions. I was stationed in Nam when he was shot down.



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