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Apple not supporting new $5,000 iMac

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My experience with Apple is very positive.  I've had every iPhone from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and X.  iPaD, iPaD-Air, iPods, iMacs and MacBook Pro.  Never had a single problem with any of them, probably helped that I didn't try to take them apart.
Conversely, I've had 2 Windows laptops, a Sony and a Toshiba, both gave me problems.  Premature battery failure on one and HDD failure on the other.

iMacs have been "sealed" for years; not just the new ones.  They are not service friendly and not designed to be opened up.  So not easily upgradeable (which may be the main reason).

We are also big Apple users and haven't had any problems. 

Now days I don't think I could really give a damn one way or the other.  But when I was in college and fresh from it, I hated all things Apple.  This was before the ipod/ipad/iphone craze).  I went to school for computer science.  I also took some vb and other type classes and studies. 
Apple restricted so much what a programmer could do.  I understand why they did it.  And yes, they were better at fighting against virus issues and computer crashes...but they also just put too many restrictions on what could be done and were just not popular also.  I could go into any Media Play, Circuit City, Best Buy or where have you and see rows upon rows of windows software for sale...then just one row...if that, of Apple. 
But, time has passed and any programming that I was able to do has been surpassed and I really can't do sh!t with anything besides just use it.  And I see Microsoft is going the way of Apple and while it won't technically be gone, they are doing more and more to remove the use of dos in their setups and going to everything being only on the windows in form of apps.  Might end up being a good move for them, but made too late.  Should have started that 15 years ago before Apple made a move back into computers again.  They were really hurting and using the Ipod/Ipad/Iphone industry to get power back at that point.
I still stay away form Apple just in principle.  I bought the acer I use now because it was a great deal for a system with a good motherboard on it.  I was then able to upgrade just about everything on it as I wanted and could find what I wanted.  Now it's a nice, smooth running computer that hasn't crashed yet and can handle all the things I ask of it easily.  To try the same with an Apple the costs jump, IF it's even possible to upgrade something, and most times, you need to take it to the apple store to have the upgrade done, or lose warranty.


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