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How much is too much?

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Do most members like one member making most of the posts on this forum?


--- Quote from: blindman on March 04, 2016, 09:45:10 AM ---Do most members like one member making most of the posts on this forum?

--- End quote ---
Probably not, since I am probably the one you are referring to but how to get the rest of the members to post more and to post new topics that are of interest you all?

Next, how to pass along information to the members when it comes about in the news, if no one else posts it? Some forums have a member name Newsreader or something along  those lines to post it under, we do not.

Also believe it or not, I brought this same topic up to the moderators recently and in the past. Do you have any suggestions?

added, btw Mike, thank you for bringing this up...

BTW, something I did not even pay attention to before is that I am the one who moves the most topics to where I think they would be easier for readers to find, therefore I just noticed that those count as posts for me too, and raise my post count, thus members should not count those posts being moved by me or other moderators as real posts.

If it was not for you starting Topics there would be very little action on the forum, since most including myself seem more interested in viewing/reading the post than starting or commenting.  Don't get me wrong I am not looking for the forum to become like FB/Twitter etc.  On the other hand we do see/hear/experience, unusual/weird/noteworthy situations on a daily/weekly basis these things could be of interest to our members.  Bottom line is post what you feel is worthwhile/interesting/comical to the forum for the benefit of the other members.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
All forums are not alike, this forum is restricted to mainly of topics about the Philippines created by the owner, Don Herrington which is his prerogative and members have to abide by his rules. It's his forum and is run the way he wants it. So, going off topic is a NO NO, but sometimes tolerated by Admin and the moderators on here and that's why they sometimes make posts more often than other regular members on here.
I'm only one of a few Fil/Ams on here and have lived here 18 yrs and only post when members on here need assistance and or information about the Philippines and or of other topics I've experience all the years I've been living here.
So, the OP's question "How much is too much?", is sort of a misnomer! JMHO!

Definition of mis·no·mer as I see it to answer the OP's question! 
misˈnōmər - noun
a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.
synonyms:   inaccurate name/label/designation, wrong name/label/designation, inappropriate name/label/designation.


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