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Toilet paper shortage

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Now that Shite is funny.....and I have been thinking this for weeks as I know the rest of our community has been too. They just don't know...TP and then non handwashing can be more deadlier than a good hygienic wash. 8)

Gray Wolf:
During our recent visit with family (Dec 28-Jan 27) I never had to use TP once while at the house. I have a flexible hose shower head with adjustable flow. Clean as a whistle!  ;)


--- Quote from: Gray Wolf on March 10, 2020, 10:16:58 PM ---I have a flexible hose shower head with adjustable flow.
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I hear that.  I have a hard time giving up some of the western luxuries.

Sorry but I must reply again on this.
As me and my HoneyKo went on our shopping sprint today we started chuckling right before we turned into the toiletry isle.
After we turned into the isle we broke out into loud laughter as we seen the whole isle of TP and wipes cleaned out, I think most Kanos in this isle were trying to figure out what was so funny 8).

Philippines 1
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