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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I only have a 20% VA disability, but I have never been to a VA clinic for anything, since we have TRICARE Overseas and we are covered for medical health care services where coverage is accepted at certain major hospitals nearest our home here in NCR of Luzon. We purchase all of our prescription medications from our Mercury Drug Store just across the street from where we live and make upfront cash payment in full and file a reimbursement claim after 12 months of saved receipts via fax for 75% of the total cost and the money is direct deposited into our U.S. bank account after 30 days, which works out pretty well. We also have PhilHealth as a supplement coverage just in case, since it's inexpensive, about P2,400 a year, which we pay one year in advance every Jan every new year.   
Ops! I just noticed the OP is 3 years old. Anyway, Bud and I still replied to it to add our 2 cents worth. ??? :o ;)


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