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How Ike's 1950s America Beat The 'Asian Flu' With Science



Niall Ferguson: How Ike's 1950s America Beat The 'Asian Flu' With Science & Common Sense

"When seeking historical analogies for Covid-19, commentators have referred more often to the catastrophic 1918-19 “Spanish influenza” than to the flu pandemic of 1957-58. Yet the later episode deserves to be much better known, not just because the public health threat was a closer match to our own but because American society at the time was better prepared—culturally, institutionally and politically—to deal with it."

Gray Wolf:
It's a shame I couldn't access the original article to read the details. But I do remember getting a flu shot then. I was in the first grade. They sent a note home to our parents which they had to sign and send back giving them permission to stick us. Nurses came to our school and set up tables in the main hallway. Our teachers marched us down to the nurses station class by class and we all got stuck. Afterwards most of us were miserable, crying, aching. So the principal procured a projector and movie so we could all watch a movie to take our little minds off what we just went through. She handed out suckers and cartons of milk while we all sat on the floor to watch the movie. Ahh, the good old days   8)


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